2019-2020 Copa del Rey Thread

Sevilla FC travels to Galicia tomorrow to face Bergantinos. Lopo picks a strong squad to start our 2019-2020 Copa campaign. This will be a good chance for the boys to bounce back after Sunday’s disappointing loss. New in the tournament this year. It’s a single elimination round. You lose your out. No away goal rule either.

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I reckon team will be:


Sergi Gomez

Oliver Torres

Bryan Gil

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Probably a good guess. I think Lopez gets a run out though. Move him into Torres’ spot similar to the Europa game.

Also, I’m trying to imagine a Brittish accent saying, “I reckon.” haha You might have to record that audio and add a “fixin to” to go along with it.

Not sure I understand, I reckon is a common saying. :joy:

Is the game on anywhere in the US?

Sevilla is knocking the ball around nicely, not many chances though. Kounde’s goal came from a set piece. I missed it. It is raining a lot and the field is terrible

No i don’t think so. I had to resort to a dodgy stream, but it’s really bugged now so i dropped it.

We’re 1-0 up through a Kounde header from a corner. Now we’re just playing some boring sideways passing, possession football.

I’m using an IPTV stream that’s perfect!

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Terrible conditions but that’s no excuse. We need to step this up and get some shots in instead of just playing sideways.
I’m starting to see why Dabbur doesn’t play every week.

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What is he playing like?

Looks absolutely dreadful even from the off. :sweat::umbrella:

Haven’t watched the 2nd half, but Dabbur on the left doesn’t work. Don’t know why Lope keeps trying that.

Probably to try and find a way to fit him in.

If this rain keeps up they will be playing water polo soon.
I bet Depor are wishing they had not agreed to this game, the pitch is getting ruined.

I don’t think the pitch is going to make much difference to Depor. Looks like they are off to the Segunda B’s next season. :flushed:

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The conditions are terrible. Our ability to attack sucks, but we are moving through anyway.

Not pretty but a wins a win I guess. On to the next one!

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The goal if anyone hasn’t seen it.


Mallorca at 7am Saturday on the East Coast :frowning:

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Here in the US, “I reckon” is commonly associated to the southern American (which I am) and is often poked fun at. “Fixin to” is another one of those sayings.