2018-19 SFC Summer Transfer Window

It’s that time of the year again, when our best players get linked elsewhere, when newspapers conjure up names out of thin air, and when ultimately, 1/3 of our team gets decimated. The transfer window doesn’t officially open until July 1st, but teams have already been preparing long before their respective seasons have ended.

Below, I’ll be updating the squad list of 25 players that will be wearing the Sevilla shirt come next season. I’ll also keep a list of players we’ll be linked with throughout the summer so feel free to add names (or rumours) that you may come across. It’s our 2nd season without our namesake Monchi at the helm, but let’s hope Caparrós and his team find a few gems in the market.

• 1 • Tomás Vaclík
• 13 • Juan Soriano

• 2 • Juan Berrocal (CB)
• 3 • Sergi Gómez (CB)
• 4 • Simon Kjær (CB)
• 6 • Daniel Carriço (CB / DM)
• 24 • Joris Gnagnon (CB)
• 25 • Gabriel Mercado (CB / RB / LB)

• 11 • Aleix Vidal (RW / RB / LW / LB)
• 16 • Jesús Navas (RW / RB)
• 18 • Sergio Escudero (LB / CB)
23 • Guilherme Arana (LB)

• 5 • Ibrahim Amadou (DM / CB)
• 7 • Roque Mesa (DM / CM)
• 10 • Éver Banega (CAM / CM / DM)
• 15 • Maxime Gonalons (DM / CM)
• 20 • Borja Lasso (CAM / CM / LW)

8 • Nolito (LW / SS)
14 • Luis Muriel (SS / CF / LW / RW)
• 17 • Pablo Sarabia (RW / LW / CAM)
• 21 • Quincy Promes (LW / RW / SS / CF)
• 22 • Franco Vázquez (SS / CAM)

• 9 • Wissam Ben Yedder (CF / SS)
• 12 • André Silva (CF / SS)




» loan returns :
CAROLE (Galatasaray)
LAYÚN (Porto)
GEIS (Schalke)
SANDRO (Everton)
» player sales :
PIZARRO (Tigres - €8.4M)
LENGLET (Barcelona - €35M)
DAVID SORIA (Getafe - €3.5M)
CORREA (Lazio - €16M+3M)
SERGIO RICO (Fulham - loan {no option})
NZONZI (Roma - €26.65M+5M)
CORCHIA (Benfica - €700k loan w/ option)
NICO PAREJA (free {contract rescinded})
CARLOS F.DEZ (Deportivo - loan w/ option)
PH GANSO (Amiens - loan w/ option)

IN :

Juan BERROCAL :es: [19 - CB - R]
(promoted from Sevilla Atlético // 4yr deal)

Roque MESA :es: [29 - DM/CM - R]
(€6M fee (purchase option) // 3yr deal)

Ibrahim AMADOU :cameroon: :fr: [25 - DM/CB - R]
(€15M fee // 4yr deal)

Tomás VACLÍK :czech_republic: [29 - GK - R]
(€7M // 3yr deal)

Sergi GÓMEZ :es: [26 - CB - R]
(€5M // 4yr deal)

Joris GNAGNON :cote_divoire: :fr: [21 - CB - R]
(€15M // 5yr deal)

Aleix VIDAL :es: [28* - RW/RB - R]
(€8.5M+2M fee // 4yr deal)

ANDRÉ SILVA :portugal: [22* - CF - R]
(€5M 1-yr loan, €30M purchase option)

Maxime GONALONS :fr: [29 - DM/CM - R]
(€3M 1-yr loan, no purchase option)

Quincy PROMES :netherlands: :suriname: [26 - LW/CF - R]
(€21M // 5yr deal)


» total revenue: €89.75M
» total expenses: €82.5M

» net profit: €7.25M

Sept 1st update: updated transfer section w/ GANSO deal & transfer summary.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is perhaps the first season in a long long time that I couldn’t care less if any of the players leave - including Lenglet. I mean, Lenglet was the starter in 98% of the matches, right? Then, how come we conceded 6 manitas? Of course, it’s not entirely his fault and there are other things with more impact such as the coach’s strategy, goalie, other defenders etc. but… he was a part of the mix, so can’t really feel bad if he leaves. I might’ve felt bad if he left last year, but not this time around.

Looking at the prospects, none of them seem quite promising, but I hope that first we sign Mesa and Layun and then see if we can reinforce the squad further with some decent players that are hungry for more.

Ok, maybe I’d like to have Krycho and Vidal back, but not really sure how they’ll work in the 3-5-2 of Machin (supposedly our new coach - not really optimistic to be honest). We’re back to 3-5-2 again, flashes of Sampaoli haha.

Like Tim alluded to in a previous thread, our targets this summer won’t carry the same caliber like in previous seasons. We don’t have the promise of CL football, and now there’s Valencia, who’s seemingly always got players on higher wages (i don’t envy their debt though). We just need a project for players to believe in.

I don’t like who we’ve been linked with either, but i’m sure that’s purely due to the lack of a coach. But I read a couple weeks back that we’ll activate Mesa’s purchase option. Yet to be official i guess.

Pablo Machín does look like he’ll be announced today. And yes, he played with a back-3 / back-5 all last season. Wonder if he’ll bring that over here. Personally, i hope not.


Lenglet is being touted to leave (Barcelona €35m) with confirmation 1st June according to Cope, simultaneously other news says Lenglet will not leave before having a chat with new manager Machin.

Regarding Coke who is at Levante loaned from Shalke, if we could get him for €2m, I’d prefer that rather than shelling out on Vidal, because Coke is black magic in the dressing room and can play almost anywhere and score a few as he’s proved this year.

I think we missed the early payment discount on Layun which means he will cost €1m more, so that would rather indicate he’s out, unless they’re a watin the new managers approval. He’s solid and has adapted rapidly, I’d like to keep him.

Roque Mesa has to stay for heaven’s sake, but I’ve no idea who to buy, I really think that Morales is a good bet (end of contract but 30 years-old) but it has to be a coherent pick and match puzzle. Then there’s the question of Arana, what potential has he got, I haven’t seen any.

What Sevilla should be most concentrated in this year, is ensuring the early release of Monchi and get him back for next season by fair or foul means if necessary.


I would love to have Monchi back, but I just can’t see it unless he isn’t enjoying his work at Roma. I’m sure we would have to compete with much more expensive clubs too.

True, but I think his departure was a complex matter of a) he needed a rest or change of scenery b) homelife problems c) He needed to secure his future financially and Sevilla weren’t paying him the market rate .

It’s possible all that is water under the bridge but the fact that he’s Sevillista to the core will always remain.

P.S. There’s a joke going around that Liverpool are in for Sergio Rico

There are also rumours around that Emery is interested in taking Rico to Arsenal.

Rico needs a change of scenery I think.

Or maybe a change of profession :stuck_out_tongue:


Linked to Bas Dost today for around 15m. I’d rather wait and see if he just rescinds his contract at Sporting. He’s kind of a throwback striker. Not sure how that would fit in Machin’s team.

Apparently he’s the kinda striker Machín is looking for, a target man type. WBY & Muriel don’t really fit that profile.

Stuani was getting stick for his display at ‘Boro, only scoring like 3 goals. Now at Girona, he banged in 21 in LaLiga (top 5). Dost scored 34 in 49 matches last season. Doesn’t mean he’ll do that here, but at least it’s someone who’s scored more than 20 goals.

WBY did have 22 goals this year, and he might actually do well playing off a big man like Dost if we play 3 at the back.

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Just saw some crazy stats of Dost at Sporting.

2 seasons (2016-17 and 2017-18), 61 league matches played, 61 goals scored (only in the league, excluding friendlies, 2 cups of Portugal and EL/CL). Primeira Liga is not a top league, however, it’s still a huge achievement and the guy has a great sniff for goals.

Rumors are Emery is making N’Zonzi his first purchase at Arsenal.

This past season will be the weirdest one to me. How did we manage to keep Nzonzi and lose Vitolo? How did we have a trio of Nzonzi, Mesa & Banega in our ranks from January on, and still fall behind Betis? But we went to the CL quarters, and still had a close tie vs Bayern? Things could’ve ended much worse i guess.

Cope Radio were just saying that Sergio Rico is on the market at half the price of last summer, couldn’t tell if they meant half what they were offered last year or half the clausula.

Because we had a trio of WBY Muriel and Sandro as forwards


Pizarro about to be sent back to Tigres for €8.4M, around the same amount we got him for.

Source: http://sevilla.eldesmarque.com/sevilla-futbol-club/104893-guido-pizarro-salida-del-sevilla

I’m not against this transfer at all. Once Nzonzi leaves, we’ll get to mold our midfield around Banega & Mesa (hopefully.)