Sevilla at Huesca: Matchday 26


It’s a weekend of derbies and big games. A little less spotlight on this match, but it’s just as important. It’s another away trip for Sevilla. Can we avoid making it 10-straight away matches without a win?


Let me count my blessings… at least Sarabia & WBY are starting. Now go win.

¡Vamos muchachos!


A must win especially as Alaves are winning 1-2 at Villarreal 88m
A defeat could see us down to 7th after tomorrows games

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I don’t expect much but encouraged that Mesa on the bench, not his style of game with our patched up team, it’s time to dig in and grind out a result. Silva with WBY up field for the counter attacks, Sarabia and Promes as support, give it plenty of longball. No fancy football today please, just the points.


Disappointing start but Rog looks a really great prospect.

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Señor Machín, can we please just go 4-4-2?

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Should be 1-3 bu it’s 1-0.

Serious reservation with the refereeing.

It could end at 1-4 based on what we’ve done so far, but the refereeing has been ‘0’, one ball was a yard out and they couldn’t grant a corner. Lamentable.

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You can’t lose this shit, Huesca are pretty crap.
i can’t accept losing 4th to teams like alaves, betis, Getafe.
There only one to blame is Machin and maybe the board, not a bit with referee.
I have seen enough people blaming referee while most of the time i though I’m the only one thinking referee haven’t done anything influential. Especially this season with VAR its pretty damn fair on most if not all match.

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There’s no VAR for corners.
There was no VAR for their goal, which looked perhaps questionably offside with the poor replays I’ve seen.
Real Madrid don’t have these problems.


We shouldn’t lose this game. Clearly playing down to their level. Why must we always go thru this? It’s gotta be a mentality thing.

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Might as well fire Machin and let Caparros take the Role if we couldn’t win this.


#MachinOUT to save face for the remainder of the season.


Definitely a mentality thing. We need a coach that can instill a winner mentality like Cholo did with Atleti. They were pathetic quite similar to us before Cholo took charge.

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So much happened here. WBY’s goal that got ruled out barely got looked at, but the pen got about 5min worth of review? Their goal was clearly offside in the buildup (shocking asst. ref), but just give em the goal & the game and call it a day cause El Clásico’s gonna start right??? Fuck off La Liga.

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How can our 2nd goal be offside and theirs given??
I need to calm down before I say much more

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Our second goal is offside. Period.
Read the rules, it changed quite a lot recent years.

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Munir’s goal was correctly called off cause he was behind the GK.


And i though wby is offside in mercado penalty…!?
Their second goal looks offside too!?
Anyway, it doesn’t matter.
We’re in totally shit form.
Fire Machin or whatever, i don’t care.
Don’t tell me Getafe, alaves and betis are better than us at the end of the season.

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Our second goal was not offside, it was a foul by Munir before he scored. Their second goal looked offside at first glance but on replay overhead view another player entered the scenario, I don’t know, I have it recorded, will report back. But the replays left a lot to be desired they weren’t up to standard (and that’s part of the trick).

Agreed that Machin needs to go, Caparroz needs to take control.

Whether the goalkeeper is there or not makes no difference to offside, it’s the last two defensive players. If there’s one it’s offside (when the ball is played forward), if it rebounds, it’s not a forward play and there can be no offside. That’s the state of the game, where a referee can decide and hence help Manchester United or Real Madrid, it’s a matter of interpretation giving the referee the advantage, it’s his team in the VAR.


iirc, rebound or not make no difference on offside goal?
Rules change too much in past few years and this game is completely disaster, including the stadium, the camera, Machin, the team and the ref.

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The camera is terrible but looks like mercado probably closer to keeper than the Huesca player.
So, no excuse. It’s on Machin.