Leganes Chat


An important win, but as Tim is saying, still not sure of the method and how we won it. Sarabia won this imo… hands down MOTM for tonight and probably the best player in the team for the moment.

Leganes was always going to be tough, but Sarabia beat them last year in their own stadium with a screamer from out of the box, and now did the same tonight in RSP. Also provided the beautiful assist for WBY who took 27472351 touches to make sure he is going to score… fair enough, but then he went on to miss a couple of chances and an absolute sitter in the second half, as usual.

Banega very selfish in one occasion towards the end where he decided to shoot and not pass to Nolito who was all alone in a scoring position.

What’s important is that the team fought hard for the 3 points and that counts. Could’ve finished the match in style and not suffer till the last minute, but this is classic Sevilla, as always, we HAVE to suffer.

On to Spartak now to finish the unfinished business. Hopefully we’ll look more convincing in the near future.


Yes the attitude of the players was good, a well fought game.

I didn’t go but I’m thinking about going against Spartak so won’t be able to comment. Didn’t see the penalty and forgot to record the game but I saw one replay of the penalty during the game and couldn’t see anything that looked penalty.

But the victory has broken the spell so we go on the back of a victory against Spartak and our nerves, remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.


If you do go to the Spartak game Tim and happen to see an English looking couple with a cream coloured Spanish water dog sitting outside one of the bars around the gran plaza metro stop, come and say hello and might even l buy you a beer.


We park in the Nervion underground carpark and it’s just hundred yards from the entrance, so I never get up to Grand Plaza, but I’m usually in one of the 4 bars further down the road. There’s one exactly opposite Gol Sur with uninterrupted view of the stadium where you can enjoy the light show. I’ve got tickets for Preferential, lower bank just behind the dugout.

I’d never heard of Spanish water dog before::astonished:


That’s where we park Tim and then usually walk up to the gran plaza for a drink and something to eat before the game, We find it a bit quieter and easier to get served up there it’s only a 2min walk.