Leganes Chat


Or he may waste a TON of chances, but he finally scores. Nevertheless, good to see someone score at least in important matches.


Solid first half! Let’s keep this up and it will be a satisfying win, getting us to 5th and keep up with top 4!

Plus we need this before the biggest game of season against Moscow!


N’Zonzi offers a huge relief in the midfield… we missed him a lot, especially last week.

We should probably try to control the match in the second and see if we can score one more, that would be more than enough.

Leganes are a tough side and very good this season but our players are also putting a lot of effort tonight. Hell, even MKD is running on flanks. Good thing that all of them are willing to give a lot and focused.

A pity that Correa is injured, but time for Nolito to shine a bit.


Solid first half. Exactly.

Let’s hope we don’t unsolidify the game :grinning:


Why the hell didn’t Soria come for that?


I fear the worst, curse of the Champions league, and as I type Penalty to Leganes, didn’t seee it.


Sarabia what a fucking hit. Everything good comes through him.


But the Golazo by Sarabia restores the lead 2-1


What I don’t want to see now is Muriel. Vazquez or Ganso OK.

Leganes now don’t fear Sevilla, danger, partido roto.

Need the third goal


Nice one sarabia! This is gonna be nervy. Usual sevilla way

Can’t get the match and hate not knowingwin These aren’t easy and not surprised they scored.

forward to highlights, especially if we win it?


Banega is going to enter


Is the microphone for the chants new?


All the discipline has gone, Leganes are all over Sevilla, but one good counter will solve it. That’s how its is, the only variable is the Ref, so not a penalty, let’s see what else he does.


Shit, now the ref is playing more than the players


I hope we hang on! This is torture and watching something else but keep checking score constantly haha


Why is Sarabia at right back? Put Navas there.


Right now we’re shit, thinking about Champions league. But there’s still hope we’ll close this down.


OK 2-1 will do, but the method remains questionable.


pissed i couldnt watch it. sounds like we werent particularly convincing, but the win was badly badly neeeded


Yesss great win! Vamos sevilla!