January possible ins and outs


Well a new era is about start. Don’t know a lot about Montella but hoping he can improve our football, pattern of play and results especially away from home.

We need reinforcements I’m january too as we are short in a few areas. A shame for Berizzo but that’s football management these days.

Vamos sevilla!


plus his inability to track back and perform various defensive duties


A big welcome to our January pickup. No other than N’Zonzi! Looks like he will be a Sevillista a little longer.


Still nothing on the incoming front so far, and since throwing names out there would be a bit tough how about the other way round. Who do you think would leave and who would you want to leave the club.

Lasso is heavily rumored to be heading towards Osasuna but that’s it so far. On a personal level I think Mudo should head back to Serie A, we have players in his position and he has become bit part player this season, use this slot to get another box to box physical player or Berge to prepare to N’zonzi’s inevitable departure.


Some of the lately rumored players for this window:

CB’s - Gnagnon (Rennes), Caio (Sao Paolo)

Full backs - Vidal (Barcelona)

Midfielders - Badelj (Fiorentina), Mesa (Swansea)

Strikers - Jovetic (Monaco), Sandro (Everton)

Interesting prospects, all of them. I wouldn’t mind any of the above-mentioned joining us, but I would personally prefer:

Gnagnon, Vidal, Badelj (even if N’Zonzi stays) and Jojo.


Mudo might flourish under the former Seria A manager though. I would rather wait until January to see if the new man can shape him up.


That’s my only hope for Mudo, assuming Italian managers are more tactically astute. Our problem is that he doesn’t fit in a 4-3-3, unless we play him as a false 9. Banega & Ganso are slow CAM’s as well, which doesn’t give us much variety in that position.

I say save us the trouble. One of Mudo or Ganso must go, cause we’re still overloaded there (no thanks to Sampaoli.) As mentioned, a box to box would do us many favours.


The big question (apart from the manager) is can Nzonzi be reincorporated and there are two schools of thought.

  1. He plays, gets whistled but puts in a good performance and all is forgotten. To back this up is the Directors desire to cash in €40m end of season.

  2. No chance, he’s proved to be disloyal and a disruption in the dressing room, Sevilla would be best advised to try and recover €20m+

He could be in the starting 11 against Cadiz tomorrow based on the training session lineup.

As for Mudo, I think he’ll get the nod over Ganso with the Italian manager, poor Ganso never gets a run.


My reason for letting Mudo go was that he is only really effective in one position only which is CAM, Banega can play in CM and be effective there, Ganso has been alright and can be the key to unlocking lower level competition, also before the debacle against Sociedad Sevilla had not lost a game in which he took to the pitch.

One of the advantages of having a Serie A manager on board means he should bring knowledge of the players in that league. Badelj is very decent player and I’ve never known why no other big clubs came for him. Benassi would also be nice and we may even have a reunion with Cristoforo.

One player who I’m adding to the list is Stefano Sturaro, he’s a 24 year old defensive midfielder in Juventus, it’s hard to break through to the first team when your competition is Khedira, Marchiscio and Matuidi so he has only made 4 appearances this season. The only drawback is he played in the champions league for them so will be cup-tied. Still could be worth a loan move.

Okay, I just added his name because the scouting team in my Football Manager save brought him to my attention but I think he fits a need and is affordable financially.


I always liked Cristoforo and thought we should have kept him. He was getting better. He did have some mishaps along the way, but I always rated him fairly well. He’s not that crashing defensive midfielder, but I think we need a more box to box guy and let Pizarro be that crusher.


Vietto to Valencia ha ha they’re really off their heads now.

Coutinho goes to Barca is news here, after hearing that Liverpool are demanding money from Barelona for falsely announcing his signing, maybe it will be confirmed tomorrow.

Kychowiak also looking for a club, apparently. And what’s going to happen with Gameiro?

BTW Chris, I always liked Cristoforo, top man, played 20 minutes without the knee ligament attached.


Sandro is on the possibility list.


Mesa linked in this article.


Don’t believe too much what you read in this article Chris. “Metro” is not the most reliable source of news. It is a free newspaper handed out at UK rail & bus stations to pass 10 minutes on the way to work.


To be honest, I wouldn’t mind letting go of N’Zonzi, welcoming Mesa and ideally Badelj along with him. While selling either Mudo or Ganso.

Then we could have some interesting choices from: Banega, Pizarro, Badelj, Mesa, Mudo/Ganso, MKD to chose from!


In my books Krycho is welcome back here, always. Get the old gang back together with Vidal while we’re at it.


We would definitely accept him with open arms, but I doubt we will sign/loan him only because of his huge salary.


Not sure how much he is on right now but if PSG are willing to sell and he really loves the city and club he could take a voluntary wage cut, wishful thinking of course but you never know.

the race for Badelj is heating up with Roma, Lazio and Zenit all looking to snap him up for 12m euros. We have the advantage that Badelj worked with Montella before and they are on good terms.

In other news, Bakambu of Villarreal is about to seal a move to China at just 26 years old. While this will weaken them somewhat the yellow submarine plan on using the cash to gun for Sandro, we’re in for another drawn out saga.


Yeah, most Brittish sports press seems suspect, but I thought it was interesting that we were linked to Mesa. It’s the first I’ve seen of that this year. You would think that would come out in the Spanish press as well if true.


According to reports we are accelerating efforts to sign Aleix Vidal for around 10 million.

What’s happening with Arana? It’s gone very quiet since we supposedly signed him.:thinking: