January possible ins and outs


Yes we’d have to take a hair cut down to around €10m which is a very tough pill to swallow for the Directors and Arias, they’d have to obscure it with a player swap being involved.

BTW I don’t know if you use goles messenger, which updates game schedules and kickoff times at the last minute, but it’s still showing the Levante game for Saturday while in truth it was rescheduled weeks ago and is tomorrow at 9.


I usually visit Flashscore for the match info like schedules, recent forms, league table and stuff. It is very accurate and is currently showing the match scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) at 9 PM Spanish time.


Is it just me or do our record signings have a propensity to flop? Chevanton, Kone and Romaric (adding him just for the sake of it) were pretty bad. Before Muriel showed up the holder of this title was Mudo who has been above average, Negredo who was alright then Correra and Kjaer whom the jury is still out on. I know the prices have inflated a lot but there’s no need to follow the trend and splash out on mediocre players, I looked at Muriel’s record and Sampdoria and knew not to expect too much.


New Rumor: Daniele Baselli from Torino
25 year old midfielder - Seems like a box to box kind of guy


Corchia is asking to be loaned out.


Really? Not bad. That would potentially make room for Vidal to come back. Barca are pricing him at 10 million, which shouldn’t be an issue for us at this point, and we definitely need a good RB like him, or we could use Vidal at RW sometimes in the 4-3-3 along with Mercado at RB.

Would be very interesting to see a Navas (RW) and Vidal (RB) pair in this system, I’d say it could work very well.


or Sarabia (RW) - Vidal (RB) for a more conservative approach.


In my opinion since we sold Dani Alves. Konko, Martín Cáceres, Dabo, Cicinho, Coke, Diogo, Mariano, Mercado and Corchia have all been tried and failed (some more than others). The RB position has been our problem for nearly 10 years.


El Fabuloso’s last 6 goals with his newest club Vasco Da Gama in Brazil.

At 37, better than WBY and Muriel combined!

Missing him and King Kanoute so much these days…


Some of those have been complete failures with konko especially depressing as he was supposed to be Alves’s replacement. Others have been affected by injuries (Cicinho), age (Mariano), wanting to leave (Coke) or simply being played out of position (Mercado and Caceres). I think Corchia does have the ability to contribute to this team but isn’t given enough chances or he has shown nothing during training. If that is the case we have 2 up and coming right backs in David Carmona and Borja San Emeretino, I would love to see them come into the squad and show us what they got.


I am seeing a huge debate among Sevillistas in Eldesmarque and OrgulloDeNervion portal comments about the N’Zonzi topic.

Now it seems that the issue is divided in two perspectives:

  1. Keep Berizzo and sell N’Zonzi in the January window

  2. Keep N’Zonzi and sack Berizzo in January

In both cases, there have to be replacements.

I think at this point, it would be a bit dangerous and very unpredictable if the manager and the system/philosophy changes at the end of the first part of the season.

However, the same can be said with N’Zonzi’s departure. Is there really enough affordable quality on the market for a decent replacement?

I see us being linked with the likes of: Baselli, Barella (Serie A), Berge (Jupiler Belgium) and a couple of other players, but to be honest, none of them would be able to replace N’Zonzi, at least not decently, for the second part of the season.

The same issue would arise with a possible departure of Berizzo. What coaches are there on the market, that would have the current players adapt quickly? Also, it would mean a whole different philosophy and another scouting project for January movements. But then, we would potentially keep N’Zonzi, at least until June 2018?

I’d favor the first option more, keeping Berizzo and selling N’Zonzi, not to protect Berizzo, as he has been very poor in overall in this first half of the season, but N’Zonzi’s attitude has shown that he does not respect the club. Also, if we keep N’Zonzi and sack Berizzo, it would automatically mean that we are honoring such disrespect from a player, and that would give N’Zonzi even more power in the locker room, and he could literally kill off the atmosphere whenever he wanted. So that would practically mean the club surrendering to a player, which should never happen.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to do so, but the greatest thing would be to keep both Berizzo and N’Zonzi, and have him miss the World Cup as a punishment, unless he corrects the behavior and starts to play seriously and keep his mouth shut. However, we need to make good use of the cash that we would get of his potential sale in January.

We cannot allow ourselves to have a Neymar in our locker rooms. This is Sevilla and it should act as a serious club, with a lot of honor and pride in itself.

Players and managers come and go, but the club and its philosophy remains forever.


I hear you on the two options but regardless if Berizzo leaves during January or at the end of the season N’zonzi is gone for me. He responded petulantly with his substitution and has led to more than 1 loss for us already. His mind was never really here after no club made an offer during the summer window. Even if we forgive him he would just want to leave as soon as possible and surrendering to a player who really isn’t world class is not what a club is about. No player is bigger than the club, ever. At a price of more than 30m we could buy some short term stop gaps until we identify someone who can hold their own and work with Guido. No need to worry about N’zonzi making the world cup squad though, his below-par performances and the competition of Pogba, Bakayoko, Kante, Matuidi, Raboit, Tolisso and even Gonalons and Cabaye will beat him to it.

I think Geis can do a job in the midfield if we actually get a decent healthy center half who can do their job. But as with other positions it’ll be hard to find any good replacements, and the track record of Arias so far is barely acceptable so we shouldn’t expect too much. As always the priority for me is 1) Center-half 2) Defensive Midfield 3) a backup striker. Just shift Muriel on the wings where his terrible control may actually yield some space along the flanks instead of diverting the ball from the penalty area to the corner flag.

On a second note, can the convos on Eldesmarque and OrgulloDeNervion be translated in English? Always want to learn how other people view the club and team.


Yes, with Google Chrome you can translate the whole page (say an article that you’re reading), in English, and it will translate the comments too, if they are in Spanish or any other language than English. You can also set it to translate the page automatically, so every foreign language page that you will visit will be translated to English in a few seconds.

Not sure if Mozilla and other browsers have similar plugins, but Chrome has that plugin/extension as built-in with Google Translate, so much better with Chrome.


Montoya loaned out to Cruz Azul with an obligatory buy “option”


Good riddance.


I read he was transferred permanently but the main point is to free up a spot in the squad and a non-eu quota. I also read we might have recouped his transfer fee at the very least.


Jo Jo is back in the mix!


It’s said Montella requested Gerard Deulofeu when he signed for us, I’m not sure he’s what we need right now, the midfield and defense need reinforcements asap. Besides he didn’t exactly set the world alight when he was on loan with us. Questionable at the very least.


He was and still is a very average at best. Maybe he is better than Montoya… but that’s it. Sarabia, Navas, Nolito, Correa, hell, even MKD is better than this selfish one-dimensional player. We definitely don’t need Deulofeu. The same cannot be said for Vidal though. We might need him as RB to pair with Navas or Sarabia.

I really hope that Montella will at least be able to bring back the deadly counters of the Emery era. That would be a good thing to start with.


He was really good for a stretch in the first half of the season and finished year with double digit assists. But yeah, his inconsistency (and inability to know when to pass vs. shoot) basically got him benched during the second half. But it also had a lot to do with Vitolo, Reyes, Vidal and Denis playing really really good.