Champions League Draw - Friday March 16th



Roma please


Who do you want to face?

  • Barcelona
  • Bayern Munich
  • Juventus
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester City
  • Real Madrid
  • Roma

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I’d take liverpool. Definitely think we can beat them as we did in the Europa Final and be great to send another EPL team out. Roma I think we can also beat.

Don’t want Bayern Munich or Man City or either Real or Barca really but at least the latter two are locals… so less travelling and we know how to prepare for them which could help for the league.


The realistically beatable ones for us would be: Roma, Juventus and Liverpool. Anything other than that and the chances of passing will be very slim.

However, at this point as a Sevillista, I’ll just enjoy the matches and anything else would be a bonus. We lived to experience the CL quarters, hopefully we’ll live long enough to experience Semis, CL triumph and La Liga triumph!


when you think of the size of Sevilla as a city, and the fact we share that city with another club, we are punching way above our weight, and have no right to be where we are (on paper that is).

This moment is certainly one to savour, roll on Friday’s draw


It just dawned on me that we could be playing against Monchi’s Roma

Not too sure how to feel about that should it happen, will be odd to see him on the other team


We did beat Roma earlier in the year. Granted it was a friendly, but they are beatable. I also like the Jueventus matchup. We know them from prior years. They are good, but again beatable. Liverpool would be a shoot out and may go to the 40th PK before settled. haha
Barca, Real and Man City scare me. Bayern, I’m not sure. They are good, but I don’t think they aren’t beatable.


I also think as long as we avoid Barca, RM and City we can still dream.


The only team we have never played against, Bayern Munich.

Not extremely bad, but could’ve been better. I think if we put on a heroic performance we might have a chance.



That’s about as difficult as it gets


It seems that Bayern fans are not that different from the other spoiled fans of the ‘big teams’.


Looks a tough tie, but on our day not impossible. Need to take our chances, but we have great well balanced team, i feel we could be hitting form, play like we did against Utd. No fear and nothing to loose…


Exactly Mark. Folks have underestimated the power of Sevilla in cups many times before. It will difficult, but it should be in the Quarter Finals. I don’t think we match up particularly terrible against Bayern, but I haven’t seen them play this season.


Not the worst draw we could of got! Bayern are not as strong as they used to be! We did amazing to get this far! Living the dream! Vamos Sevilla!


Let them under-estimate us, it worked for Man Utd



Talking about Sevilla a lot in this.


Perhaps no need to open a new thread so I’ll say it here.

Even though absolutely not acceptable, I somehow get it that Montella and the players do not give a crap about the league anymore with 4th now even theoretically impossible after today’s shameful loss to Leganes. However, I hope they know that we’re not guaranteed EL football for the next season - UEFA changed the rules some time before and now you need to get to EL through the league, meaning the cup finalists are not awarded an EL spot if they don’t win the cup. Thus, the 7th place is at risk with these kind of utterly negligent, and to no one else but our eternal rivals Betis and Celta Vigo (if they beat Malaga today).

We might even temporarily lose the 7th in the next round when we unavoidably lose vs. Barca, so hopefully, fingers crossed we at least finish 7th this season. No European football for the next season would mean taking a HUGE step backwards and we will not be able to keep the same team. That is, unless we either win CL or CDR (actually the former is more possible :stuck_out_tongue:


The so called rotation of Montella.
I hope it’s not another start of dark age like 2010 - 2013…