Champions League Draw - Friday March 16th


From the highlights, the first goal was on Rico I thought. He seemed to take an unnecessary step towards the man in the air instead of holding ground. The goal scorer was only going to put the ball back where it came from so why move that direction? The second goal, N’Zonzi and Banega were jogging to get back and N’zonzi got beat. Not good defending by Layun that time either. He’s terrible in defense from what I can see, but he’s good going forward and the goal was nice.


It was too late at the end, but switching Sandro to the right wing after Sarabia’s red card somehow changed the match tempo. Of course, it was also the effect of Leganes taking the foot off the pedal, but I think in overall Sandro would do way better playing on the right wing rather the unnatural left.


He’s probably going to get a chance against Barcelona I guess.


Watched a full replay. Very lackluster performance. Leganes wanted it more and that was it. We didn’t seem to care. Poor going forward yet again. Yedder given the start this time with Muriel coming in as sub. We did have enough of the ball but created nothing with it. Big question mark over Vazquez again.

We have to finish 5th or 6th… don’t want to finish 7th and have to go through Europa qualification in a world cup year. Or worse finish below 7th. This team need to put 100% in every game as a likely loss to Barca coming could mean we drop to 8th.


I think it is quite common what we experienced on Sunday, especially after an away night in Europe.

We are however a team that often gives its all in the Cups and that finds it hard to raise our game when up against seemingly weaker sides.That is worrying indeed.We finished the 2015/16 season in 7th, and only qualified for Europe by winning the Europa League.

Going all out for Cup success is a gamble that could ultimately see us have next season out of Europe.

And not as important but interesting to note - Betis who are having a good run of form may well overtake us in the table in the next game week, and if we fail to beat them in the derby we could very well finish below them for the first time since 2013


That’s my issue with not rotating some players. It doesn’t have to be the same players every week, but some of these guys have to be so tired.


It makes me laugh when football players complain they are tired.
These guys are supposed to be young fit athletes, they work for a maximum of 3 hours a week doing their dream job plus a couple of hours training on days that there is no game.

Let them try working 12 hours a day/6 days a week in a steelworks or down a coal mine like some people I grew up with. Then I could understand them feeling a little tired at the end of a shift.


I agree Brian, players can be a bit soft these days… but there is also a mental fatigue that comes from playing at the top level week in week out. Playing in Manchester on Wednesday night and then Madrid on Sunday morning means three full games in the space of 7 days for some. It isn’t surprising they weren’t as sharp as they could be.



Haha Tim I was thinking of that exact sketch when I read Brian’s post actually :smiley:


I know, but I understand where he’s coming from, it was tough up north in the 50’s and 60’s. Even footballers were sent on character building boot camps where they would have to camp on the moors in freezing conditions and the pay wasn’t any better than a miner or steelworker but football kept them out of that misery.

I think it was Jimmy Hill who pushed for more money, he was a bit Bolshy, he complained that Jimmy Armfield? was getting paid twice the money, and the manager explained that Armfield was an England player, so as a top player he gets £20 a week during the season and £7 a week off-season, double what you get. Jimmy Hill replied ‘But he’s no better than me in the off-season’


Wasn’t it Tony Toms the ex marine who took the Sheff wed team out on the moors in the winter during the 80’s for survival training?

If I remember correctly they had to postpone their next two games as most of the team ended up suffering from flu.


Maybe a while before we are in the CL again, so I decided to travel to the RSP this morning and buy myself a ticket for the return leg.

Then after getting home did some serious internet searching to find the cheapest option of getting to Munich and came up with. Malaga to Madrid with Air Europa on the 10th for 45€, spend the night in a hotel near the airport for 59€. Then Madrid to Munich early on the 11th again with Air Europa for 120€. Managed to book a hotel in Munich for 50€ and then return direct to Malaga on the 12th for 132€. with lufthansa.

I suppose I’d better bring back something nice for my wife or i’ll really be in the dog house::grinning: