Barcelona vs Sevilla — Matchday 9


Gracias Lenglet.


Ter Stegen is unbelievable.


When WBY can’t score tape-ins…


I miss Rakitic.


Utterly pathetic. The team’s training should focus on finishing for a couple of months. None of the players could score to save their lives even in clear 1 on 1 situations or easy sitters. This is not what a professional footballer is supposed to do.

As expected, a total humiliation. Back to the drawing board!


Rakitic should come back home. He would be awesome in this system by Machin.


Well taken Muriel.


Well to borrow a hockey term, Ter Stegen is standing on his head today.

Goal Muriel! Good for him!


What a fucked up game. Muriel scores?


More like the fact that our players can’t score a simple sitter is unbelievable and totally unprofessional.


He was extremely good tonight, however, it’s not that Vaclik wasn’t very good either, it’s just that Barca players know how to score a proper goal, that’s all.


Maybe. But that’s twice he’s made ridiculous double saves.


Arana should never start again. The left flank was more or less non-existent. His only solid performance was vs. RM and then it went below average. Why not field Vidal more often there, does Machin dislike him or something? I’d also bench Sergi Gomez for a few matches and start Mercado instead (could shift Carrico up on the left side of CB).

We need some decent reinforcements in January before it’s too late to fight for the top 4 (or EL places like usual).


Escudero should be back soon, but I didn’t think he was bad. Keeps the ball well and being asked to provide all the width on the left, especially with Mudo having such a bad match. He wasn’t at fault for any of the goals.


Disappointing but overall I’m encouraged by our fight in the 2nd half! When Messi went off, the score was 2-2. It shows how important Messi is to them and will be interesting as they will be without him for a while now! That could make La Liga interesting.

We were blown away in 1st half and I think we gave them far to much respect! Mainly due to the Messi factor! However, we improved and we have goals in us as we scored to great ones and could have had more.

I’m still encouraged going forward and we should get back on track for the games to come. We never do well at nou camp and I expected a loss. Least in end it wasn’t a hammering and we can have pride in our 2nd half display.


This kind of game really shows what kind of level our players are.

You really can’t feel we have done proper reinforcement in the summer except the coach is good this time.


That handball could’ve been given as a penalty for us. It was a mere double standard as Carrico’s handball (almost exact “involuntary situation”) was given just a few meters from our box.


But what bug me the most is lazy defending from some of the players, standing and watching like they’re Messi.
Is expecting Atletico (Simeone) like attitude too much in big Match?


I trust Machín to figure this out. We got obvious weaknesses, but also got a thin squad, partly due to injuries. Players that have been great for us during this run (WBY, Mudo) had poor games today. André Silva was possibly our best player, but I think Machín subbed him outta pity (or EL midweek). Nothing is going your way, try something else. And look, we got Muriel to score a goal, a lovely one at that.

I think we’ll suffer with this mediocre defense all season long. It takes time to repair one. I personally think all our CBs are below-par, Gnagnon needs time to adapt. Work in progress as usual.

Now which one of the Istanbul teams are we facing Thursday?


I’m not too worried about that performance against the best team in the world. Without the two incredible double saves from Stegen we could have easily had 4 goals and tied the game.
Just my luck that I missed the very rare goal by Muriel as we were in the middle of a massive thunderstorm and lost all power for 10 minutes just after Barca got their 4th.
I have to say Lenglet will never score a better goal in his life :yum:
One thought to ponder, we have played nine games including both Barca and R Madrid and we are 3rd, 2pts off the top. I don’t consider that so bad.

As for Thursdays opponents they currently sit at the bottom of the Turkish league after losing 5-0 Saturday.
I expect a few rotations for this game and hopefully a comfortable win.