2018-19 SFC Summer Transfer Window


I see Layun has signed for Villareal

Not the best right back in the world, but great going forward and had a wicked cross and shot on him. Sad to see him sign for a direct rival.


Correa has signed for Lazio, officially announced today

Fee thought to be around 20M, hopefully will be reinvested into a replacement

Correa was good in flashes, but nowhere near consistent enough and seemed to lack the ability to get any better than he already was. His end product was also poor for a player in his position.


16 million direct with 3 in variables. Still not bad considering we signed him for 13 million, so a direct profit of around 6 million (including the variables) after 2 years.


Correa didn’t improve much last season. Although it pays off to be patient with young talent, Sevilla doesn’t have that kind of time when other less valuable players aren’t performing either.

I like the Munir link, especially if he’s coming in to replace one of Nolito, Mudo or even Muriel. I really rate him, and think he can take off this season with a team of our quality.

Edit: Also, i was fooled into thinking Zaza had a great season, not noticing he had only scored 3 goals in 2018.


We reportedly signed an uknown player Radonjic for 9 million?

What the actual heck?


Roma owns him, but I’d be stunned if it happened this quickly.


The Red Star player? Where are you seeing this?


I hope it’s not true. Another Stevanovic scenario…


Zaza would underwhelm me too.


I’m tremendously happy with Caparroz and the new structure of direction and the willingness to spend big, though the market is overpriced. Wheras Monchi’s high price signings have been a disaster, his low cost signings have made the club mountains of money (as part of the business model).

Speaking to Betis fans yesterday they were fairly convinced that all last season’s signings were from Monchi’s shopping list. I think that Caparozz’ extra diligence will pay dividends because while Monchi could identity players with high margins of growth potential, or those who just needed a bit of tender loving care, Caparroz is more concerned with hammering a round peg into a round hole and not getting the square pegs stuck. So the players have to be from the trainers wish list if he has a distinct style in mind.

Even before Monchi (well, he was playing in the team) we had Bambam Zamorano and Suker up front.


I’m also seeing a bit of a different pattern of Caparros compared to Monchi.

One can already tell that the likes of Amadou and Gnagnon are much better than the likes of Dabo, Kolo, Konko etc.

I’m quite optimistic lately, but that optimism would sink if we silly mistakes like that (hopefully false) report of Radonjic or similar.


Can’t really make that comparison without seeing them play. We were just as excited when those guys signed. Only difference is these two cost way more.


I wasn’t excited about Konko or Kolo at all… they looked very average on their YT highlights. Was tricked a bit with Dabo as he was a fighter, but still average. Time will definitely tell but I think especially Amadou has fitted quite well (judging from the friendlies).

Sometimes you know when a player fits or not even by the friendlies, just like when one could easily tell that Rusescu was a piss poor signing, not being able to score 1 single goal in countless friendlies at the time he was signed (early June 2013).


Ante Rebic? Music to the ears…


Fucking Barca complicating things for Aleix Vidal. We always sell them our best players (undervalue) - not fair from them.


ShendM, I think that all the ‘K’ purchases that followed Kanoute were just pure egotism. Kersakhov, Kone, Konko, Kolo, Kondogbia and Konoplyanka (the latter 2 having some merit)


Rebic would be amazing. If only we can make it happen!


A Sevilla Atletico player told me they were having trouble teaching Rusescue to run correctly, didn’t have a conventional stride apparently, couldn’t be modified in the end.


It’s official, Aleix Vidal is a Sevilla player: https://www.fcbarcelona.com/football/first-team/news/2018-2019/agreement-sevilla-fc-transfer-aleix-vidal



Hmm… Samu Castillejo for 20 million… why not?

He’s a very decent winger. If we end up signing him, a decent striker (target man) like Aboubakar, Rebic, Willian Jose and find a decent replacement for N’Zonzi… then we’re in for a very interesting season.