2018-19 SFC Summer Transfer Window


I like him, but I wouldn’t pay more than 10m.

regarding Sergio Rico, please Chelsea, offer 10m, Sevilla will accept.


Andre Silva was a previous link around March, now reports coming out that we’ve made contact with Milan for him. He’s very talented, but i’d be worried after being subpar (10/40) last season. But you could also blame that on Montella no?

If i were to rank in order of preference, i’d go with Aboubakar — Maxi — Batshuayi — Andre Silva. I’m fine with any of those 4, just not Zaza, please. Rebic can be an interesting one too.


He’s class. 20m may be a little high, but he’s a very good player.


I’d rather not have to trust a Portuguese striker. We’ve also been linked to Kramaric, who more of a 2nd striker and is exactly what we do not need.


If we lose Sarabia to Sociedad for 18m, someone needs to be fired. Just give the guy a new contract for fucks sake.


I really really hope we don’t get Andre Silva. He’s definitely nowhere near the target man we need, besides, he was a total flop at Milan and I doubt that could change in a demanding environment that Sevilla FC has become lately.


I wouldn’t write off Batshuayi (Chelsea) and there’s talk of Sergio Rico part exchange.

But really we need someone with guarantee of goals not a potential goalscorer, and for that I’d stick with the Celta striker (Gomez), not that I like his style because I don’t, just the guarantee of goals in the Machin system. And for him I would risk paying the €40m clausula.

English league transfer market closes in 72 hours (I read somewhere), once that’s done it could be that prices fall, a question of who is going to blink first in the meantime.


What about Aboubakar, Willian Jose or Rebic - do you think they’d work?


I really don’t know many of the players we’ve been linked with, nothing abut Aboubakar, but I’m keen on Rebec and Samu Castillejo. Like I say, the striker is maximum priority but we might have to wait while other players are arriving or departing. I really want to change the engine too and that’s why I would like to see Samu here. And I’m still :angry: that Krychoviak went to Moscow.


Samu could definitely add that very much needed pace. However, would we be OK to get Samu in the expense of Sarabia? Sarabia is too good to let him go at this point.


There goes the Maxi Gomez option. Reportedly West Ham is paying his 50 million release clause.

We’re probably gonna end with some Andre Silva, Kramaric or Munir as our “top nr 9” or the “battering ram” that Machin described. I hope that we’re going to splash the cash for a serious project.


It would be a bad idea if we get Batshuayi on loan without a purchase option. Simple and plain stupid without any real solution to the ‘nr. 9’ issue.


I think both Machin and Caparroz like big bustling strikers who can ruffle the feathers and upset defences, oh no, I just remembered Makakula.

Well Julio Baptista was a good striker and could play a bit too, we paid 1.2 million for him and Daniel Alves, times have changed though.

Don’t give up hope Shendm.


I’ve seen Batshuayi score some pretty clutch goals, so i’m not opposed to him coming. I must admit i’m a bit biased cause he’s Congolese as well, but even some Chelsea fans are saying that he’s the one for Sarri’s system.

Aboubakar has great technical ability. I was amazed at how he performed in the CL with Besiktas. Just check out his goal vs Egypt in the AFCON 2017 final.

Also, I really don’t want Sarabia to leave, especially while Nolito & Mudo are still here (and still wack). Essential goals from midfield, great at set-pieces; he’s a 10 & 10 player. Rumours say a new deal has been in the works since last week.


I’d welcome either or both! We signing some great players. I think we gonna be stronger this season, compared to last. Plus I confident, Pablo Machín will be better than berrizo or montella!


Current president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (Rubiales) is increasingly aggressive towards Sevilla. First he allowed Barcelona to bully Sevilla into a one game super copa final, then chose the venue in Morocco (in a stadium where the toilets don’t flush because they haven’t paid their water bills). Refused to consider VAR for the final that he obviously wants Barcelona to win. Influenced the selection of the referee del (zero) grande who never seems to do any favours for Sevilla.

Now he’s talking about the possibility of using VAR but complaining of space restrictions in the stadium that he’s just visiting for the first time.

We managed to use VAR in pre-season friendlies played on Murcia’s training ground, so I’ve really no idea what the space issue is. He’s having a laugh at Sevilla’s expense. I can see Sevilla having to put their foot down with this guy.


Machín: “Necesitamos un rematador que sea capaz de generar cosas”
“Estaría encantado con la llegada de Batshuayi o André Silva”, dice el técnico soriano


Seems like we’ll settle for the flop Andre Silva - a clown who put 69 on his shirt lol. Sign of a non-serious Balotelliesque footballer.


Batshuayi reportedly liking the Valencia option more because of CL.

Worst case scenario = we sign Andre Silva.

So-so case scenario = we sign Ante Rebic

Best case scenario = we sign Vincent Aboubakar

Knowing Sevilla’s management, we’ll go for the worst scenario as almost always. Fingers crossed that the management will surprise us for the good once in our lifetime.


Fulham close to signing Rico - a good riddance!


On loan, not sure if the obligation is to buy.

We have to talk up our players because the scouts use these pages to get an idea of opinion, being in English.

So I’m sure Sergio will be a roaring success in the EPL.