2018-19 SFC Summer Transfer Window


The deal for N’Zonzi turns out to be pretty weak now.

26.65 million euros with the potential of another 4, so the 30+5 falls off. A downgrade in his career I’d say, but I couldn’t care less at this point.

The only thing that I care and worry a lot is that we’re not being able to sell a World Cup winner for big money like other clubs easily do nowadays.

We need 2 new midfielders to replace N’Zonzi now.


Monchi out-negotiating Caporros is not a surprise


Pathetic deal


It looks like the mercenaries don’t want to come to Sevilla with no Champeons League, that can only be a good thing. Just a little disconcerting that we’re still seeking 2 or 3 more players to complete the squad. But better late than never.


I’d say we need 3-4, 2 midfielders, 1 LB (urgently, to cover for Escudero) and another striker if WBY leaves.

Weirdly enough we’re not rumored to any LB’s. Are the management really that dumb to consider Arana as a potential sub for Escudero? He seriously lacks pace and a winger with just a decent pace would humiliate him all day long at that flank.


Turns out Betis is going to get Joao Mario as well. With him, they’d basically be getting some of the bests of Portugal along with William Carvalho. Meanwhile, we get the left-overs like Andre Silva… oh lord!


but it seems that they’re considering Amadou more of a DM than a CB, so in that case - 1 more midfielder, a LB and a striker would complete the squad.


Corchia being loaned to Benfica with no buy option. I thought he could still come good, but we already have 2 good RWBs.


Yeah, too crowded at the right flank. We need to reinforce the left flank now.


I don’t know why the management is so obsessed with Berge. He hasn’t played much last season due to injuries and he plays for Genk… quite a huge step to be N’Zonzi’s replacement in La Liga. He is young and good, but nothing special and for 15-20 mill we could get someone way better I think.


Why the hell another CB, Boyata?


Quite silly, but it seems that Pareja is leaving and they want to have 5 CB’s ready just in case for the 3 at the back system. Amadou could also feature there so we’d technically have 6, but they’re considering Amadou more as a DM.


Caparrós said he’d go for “2 or 3 more signings,” but some sales might change things as well. So i’m guessing that’s Boyata, Gabriel and Pepe?

I thought Berrocal would be getting that 6th CB spot. Pareja is the odd man out. And with Carriço’s history, maybe they want more of a sure thing. It ain’t like Mercado isn’t susceptible either.

Not sure about having only 4 CMs for the entire season. But there’s still January.

Neither Lasso or Pejiño are on the squad for today’s game. Hope this doesn’t spell the end for the latter, but we’ll see on the weekend.


It would be a pity if Pejino doesn’t stay, Lasso won’t get any minutes either way due to the crowded midfield.

We definitely need another midfielder. Currently we have Banega, Mudo, Mesa and Amadou (not counting Lasso and Ganso obviously).


Valencia apparently ready to pay Sarabia’s buyout if they sell Rodrigo to Madrid. What the hell is Caparros doing?


If that happens and Sarabia bolts our entire FO and president needs to be fired.


Selling Sarabia would be a disaster.


Gonalons is being strongly linked as Nzonzi replacement, loaned from Roma. Sevilla still linked to Sander Berge with Sevilla offering around €15m. Sevilla still in with a chance of Joao Mario, Boyata and Nicolas Pépé. Next week could be busy.


All good as long as we don’t sell Sarabia :stuck_out_tongue:


Luis Alberto for 25+5 from Lazio?