2018-19 SFC Summer Transfer Window


One door closes while another one opens.

Sevilla’s old system of buying cheap and selling expensive, mainly to Real Madrid and Barcelona, now has a new market, the EPL.

So we just need Monchi back and we’re in business, or alternatively we could invest more in Sevilla Atletico and nurture some young Spanish talent.

Regarding Silva, all I can say is that I hope, at the end of the season we are saying ‘pay the €38m’, but somehow I doubt it.


We have to start investing in SAT and giving those kids shots when they are ready.


We still don’t have a striker who guarantees goals and a profile that Machin requested. That is quite disrespectful to the new coach.

Machin is now requesting another striker in despair - if Andre Silva would’ve been the answer to the attacking issues, we’d be all set, considering we still have WBY and Muriel.

Valencia showed signs of a serious club… we’re still waiting for such signs. Pessimism strikes again, as with almost every campaign (except maybe 2014-15).


Ok so… with the attacking par being “solved”, we now need to replace N’Zonzi who is wanting to leave at all costs (probably to Roma, a downgrade in his career, who cares!)

We urgently need a left back also, Arana has to go, keeping him would be a huge mistake and further add to the pessimism for the new season. We’d then have to solely count on Escudero to be 100% ready all the time (won’t happen!). Kiko Casilla would be a decent addition to the goalie sector, we’d then have 2 decent goalies which is very important (especially compared to 2 insecure goalies last season for example).

Not sure who we’re going to keep, but I’d release the following players (sell, loan out or release from contract whatever): one of WBY/Muriel, Ganso, Arana, Pareja, Mudo, Nolito, Borja Lasso, Berrocal.

I’d keep: beside the new signings/loans, one of WBY/Muriel, Escudero, Carrico, Mercado, Kjaer, Banega, Navas, Sarabia, Pejino.

Ideally we’d replace N’Zonzi with 2 new midfielders (providing Mudo leaves as well) and we’d look quite strong. Then the only issue would be the attacking part, so we’d have to cross the fingers and hope that Andre Silva will shine (not likely) or at least the other striker that we sign (probably a low profile one of course) would make up for the dreadful attack somehow…


I think we’re OK at the back with central defenders Carriço, Kjaer, Gnagnon and Mercado. Pareja most likely will leave. And Amadou can play there so we’re covered.

We’re also covered on the right flank with Navas, Corchia, Vidal and Sarabia.
We’re probably OK with Vaclic and Soriano.

But then it get’s complicated for the reasons you list.

I’m not sure if we shouldn’t give another chance to Arana and Lasso under the new manager, see if he can pull them through, both young with plenty to learn, Arana has a terrific shot and Lasso has a lot of quality, though he’s like a waiter who spills half your beer between the bar and your table. So Lasso has to be a sub until he can learn to use the ball, the midfield needs to be totally in charge of the game from minute 1 to 93.

So now we’ve got Silva, we’ll surely get entertained this year one way or another.


Don’t forget Sergi Gomez at CB, so we’d have 6 CB-s with Amadou (precisely enough for the 3-5-2 system, would allow rotations ans such) if Pareja leaves.

The left flank is problematic. If we somehow sort the left flank out, as well as the midfield (replacing N’Zonzi won’t be easy), then the weaker attacking part will be less obvious, so hopefully we’d make up for that.


Mixed feelings on Andre Silva, but i’m fairly optimistic. Out of our targets, he ranks last in terms of end product (goals/matches):

• Vincent ABOUBAKAR :cameroon: 24 / 39
• Michy BATSHUAYI :belgium: :congo_kinshasa: 21 / 40
• Willian JOSÉ :brazil: 20 / 40 (not linked)
• Maxi GÓMEZ :uruguay: 18 / 36
• Pedro GUILHERME :brazil: 11 / 18 (active season)
• ANDRÉ SILVA :portugal: 10 / 40

You could say Silva suffered like Ben Yedder under Montella, where the Italian preferred the players he coached in the past (Kalinic/Muriel). But that wasn’t entirely the case. Silva was also out-shined by Cutrone even when Gattuso came in. So I totally understand Shend’s doubts. We’re signing him purely based on that 21-goal season (in 44 matches) that he had with Porto in 16/17.

I like the fact we have a purchase option, which we wouldn’t have gotten with Batshuayi. So this is something we could build on. Now if we could add a player like Fernando Llorente (ironic, huh?), we’ll at least have that true target-man striker.

Lastly, a report came out that we’re in for Gabriel Pires :brazil: (CM) from Leganés. That’s a signing I would love as a true backup for Banega, and to eventually replace him. Surely we could just include Ganso to that deal for free? :sweat_smile:


We’re now after another CB? Dedryck Boyata of Celtic - I don’t know much about him. He participated in this year’s world cup with Belgium and played as the middle CB for the first 3 group matches in Roberto Martinez’s 3-5-2.


That’s literally the last thing this team needs.


I’m hoping we sign 1 more striker and another midfielder to replace Nzonzi, if we get that. Will be a great transfer window, 9 signings would be enough!

Looking forward to the match tonight! Let’s give them a run for their money! Vamos Sevilla!

We almost ready for the big kickoff! We need to be careful in 2nd leg of Europa tie but we should take care of business. Then the real deal starts a week today!


We’re more than fine with Mercado, Sergi Gomez, Kjaer, Carrico, Gnagnon and Amadou. Pareja is surplus.


From reports we might pip benfica to the post for Gabriel pires! Hoping so and we in for another striker too


Castro “… Why would he want to play four Champions League matches when he can play 30 Europa League here and score goals?”

Batshuayi "… Valencia is a competitive team that fights against the big clubs. He also plays ‘Champions’, but what convinced me most was the conversation I had with Marcelino, "he acknowledged. “I have come to Valencia to play more than four Champions League matches,”

Why don’t you just shut up, Castro?


Lol Castro… what a bully :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nice to spark things around though, but you have to back that up with action, not leaving it to words only.

We’re reportedly linked with Portu. He’s a very good player and would be a decent addition. I’d get him and sell Mudo in a heartbeat.


Additionally, according to France Football we’ve made an offer of 25 million euros to Lille for their striker Nicolas Pepe. Haven’t heard of him (loading up his Youtube highlights in the meantime), but it seems that the club is at least trying to be a serious one and not waiving the white flag for the attacking sector just yet.


Castro gets on my nerves. All he does is bring negative attention. That whole Supercup fiasco was all him (and Rubiales tbh.)

We’re definitely in for another forward tho. The Pepe link tells me we’re looking for a versatile forward that can also play backup to Andre Silva. Pepe’s a RW that can also play as a CF, similar profile to Ante Rebic & Alassane Plea, who we were linked with earlier in the window. I say fuck it, splash the cash on Anthony Martial!

There’s also murmurs (twitter) that WBY may leave. TBH, he only fits this system if Machín switches to 3-5-2, but he’s strictly a 3-4-3 guy. That wide forward position favours Muriel better. I’d hate to see Wissam go, but this’ll be similar to having Llorente when we played under Emery.


Where is the cash coming from


Nzonzi to Roma “should” be made official tomorrow for €30M+5M.

Sevilla reportedly refused an offer of €22M from Monaco for Ben Yedder. There’s also Marseille who’s in the market for a striker. His release clause is €30M.

In all honesty, splashing the cash on Martial is another gamble we don’t need — just a suggestion by me, we have made no attempts on Martial this summer imk. While waiting on Silva & Muriel to have improved seasons, getting someone who actually had a good season is needed.


Fair deal for Nzonzi.

I’d rather use that money on another central midfielder than a 4th striker. Well, use some of it to give Sarabia a raise first.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben Yedder ends up in Dortmund if he ends up the odd man out. Although we could be seriously starved for goals without him.


WBY had a good season! :grin: