Your FIFA / PES Sevilla careers

Pretty much what the title says. I’m sure a few of us play FIFA or Pro Evo. Just a thread about Sevilla careers on either really, call me sad but I like to read how people get on in games. :smile:

I hadn’t played PES 2020 in over 6 months so decided to boot it up on my PS4 last night, took me a while to get used to playing it again, for some reason I find it harder to get back into it than I do FIFA, but I prefer it as a game.

Anyway started as Sevilla… Kind of forgot two key things from the off. 1. You cannot recall loaned out players, and 2. You have a squad of 40 which includes loaned out players, so I am stuck with a squad of 23 players until January as I have 17 players out on loan.

Only transfer I have been able to make was selling Vaclik for €15m and signing Dimitrovic for €13.5m. Got deals lined up for José Campaña and Darwin Machis but I cannot complete them unless I sell some players, thankfully I somehow talked Everton into paying Rony Lopes €15m release clause so that will free up a space, and at least the youngsters I loaned out I only did for 6 months, as squad depth is a bit… Suspect at the moment. :joy:

My squad at the moment is:
M. Dimitrovic (GK)
Bono (GK)
Alfonso Pastor (GK)

Jesus Navas
Sergi Gomez
J. Kounde
Diego Carlos
S. Reguilon
S. Escudero
F. Charcartegui

N. Gudelj
Joan Jordan
Oliver Torres
Ever Banega
F. Vazquez

R. Lopes
L. Ocampos
L. De Jong
Y. En-Nesyri

I’ve had to be a little creative at times, Sergio Reguilon at Centre Back anyone? :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

I’ve sort of started ok… Not as well as I would like, but the scripting in PES can be an absolute duck sometimes and you can see it coming a mile off, far worse than in FIFA in my opinion. Been proper shafted in quite a few games thus far. Still onwards and upwards.

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Can you tell how busy I was at work today, trying to come up with a list of players to look at to sign. :grin:


Trying to think who I have out on loan as I have 23 players so that is 17 players. :thinking:

Sergio Rico
Juan Soriano
Javi Diaz
S. Corchia
J. Gnagnon
S. Kjær (he moved after the last data update had been released)
I. Amadou
Roque Mesa
A. Vidal
A. Pozo
Carlos Fdez
Bryan Gil
J. Mena
J. Lara
Pablo Perez

The last one is some guy I haven’t heard of, and I can’t find a record of us loaning him but swear he is like some Uruguayan or Argentinian Centre Back. :confused::man_shrugging:

C. Gonzalez? Uruguayan, 23 year old Centre Back anyone? :confused:

So annoying as Konami buggered something up with the colours in PES 2020 so when you create kits they don’t come out the right colours in game. My attempt at new kits.

Home - White
Away- Meant to be Dark Maroony Red
Third - Meant to be Navy
Cup Kit - Black

GK1 - Yellow
GK2 - Purple

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Hahhahah… some player faces in PES 2020 seem to be a bit unrealistic. Kounde looks very old, Ocampos very young, and Vaclik looks like Joe Hart.

Anyway, have played PES 2020 for only a few matches, never liked the game. I’ve been a hardcore fan of Konami’s football games since the Winning Eleven series in PS1, then played PES regularly on PS2 until they screwed up the game in PS3 and onward.

They have cancelled the 2021 edition, to come back stronger in 2022 with a new engine in PS5. Let’s see how that pans out. Until then, I’ll stick to FIFA, even though I hate the gameplay with the new updates.

Also football video games are quite unrealistic when it comes to formations and tactics, the fact that I play Marcelo as DM along with Valverde (no Kroos, Casemiro, Modric), Vinicius and Rodrygo on the wings with Hazard and Bale at CF (no Benzema) in a 4-2-2-2 system, which works very well for me btw - pretty much explains it all.


Yes and no. PES 2021 is coming out but it will be released as a data update for PES 2020 rather than a stand alone game.

I certainly won’t be paying another £50-60 this year for FIFA 21 that is for sure.

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I’ll drop my money on Fifa like I do every year. Could never get into PES. I’m in FUT right now and kind of abandoned the career mode for Sevilla. The player rankings for Sevilla were very low this year.
Here is my current FUT lineup:


And I still suck haha

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I can never get that into FUT. Game just pisses me off. I have a dabble at FIFA but for me gameplay has been about PES for the last 7-8 years.

Nice squad you have there, exactly the type of teams I loved to beat with my all unrare la Liga team with a value of less then 5k haha. I got out of touch with the FIFA games tho, because I only had a pc, never got the consoles… After they changed the movement and control engine, I played on very few occasions at a party or so and never got into it again… good fun tho. Really like the posts :wink:


That was me for the longest time. I had my start La Liga team and still have a good La Liga team as a #2. I’m pack hunting now so was using bundesliga. They make it pretty easy to build a good squad now without spending real money.

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I only own FIFA 19, and FUT gameplay is only fun if you play sparingly. Otherwise it’s a mess! :joy: Main reason why i don’t have FIFA 20.

Here’s my career save:

I might make FIFA 21 my last one. Something about Mbappe on the cover looks iconic. But i know it’s still gonna be trash. :sweat_smile: