Yet more injury problems

Munir out for at least a month with an injury to his left Abductor muscle.Plus Gnagnon finished training with discomfort and will undergo tests tomorrow to assess whether there is any muscle injury.

We are truly cursed this season.

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Seems that we can’t go 2-3 weeks without some injury blow.

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Munir was predictable and so was Gagnon.

Munir because he hadn’t played much competitive football with Barcelona and was thrown in the deep end with Sevilla, playing his first game without a training session. Gagnon because he wasn’t given time to recover from his previous injury a week earlier.

But Messi isn’t in the squad for Barca so no Munir no Messi, it’s the same :sunglasses:


haha más o menos

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And another thing, no trainer leaves Messi out because Messi picks the team. So what is really happening, probably nothing other than Messi has an appointment with his agents/taxman/Wife/Doctor/Dentist/Hairdresser.

We’ll find out coming week

God bless the family of Emiliano Sala. Very sad.

Wow, that’s terrible news.

Gnagnon, Gómez, Gonalons, Navas, Aleix, Escudero, Nolito, Munir… am i missing anyone? We’re apparently travelling to the Camp Nou with 15 players. The rest will likely be from the cantera.

Good lord - Gomez, Aleix and Escudero got hurt on Saturday?

Did Wober get injured as well or I’ve read it wrong?