Will the stadium be ready for the game against Celta?

Lots of work still going on. I took these with my old crappy phone last week when I picked up my season ticket. Touch and go I reckon, I didn’t realise how much work was involved. All the cladding has been removed from the preferencia, there were cement trucks queueing up, rubble everywhere and the whole place was a mess.



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Thursday 22nd August 8 days to go before the 1st home game. :thinking:

Just outside stuff or are there projects on the inside as well? Didn’t they just do the outside changes?

As far as I know Chris they are working inside expanding the ​​hospitality, press area and VIP boxes. All required by UEFA if we are to be chosen to host the EL final.

All the outside was refurbished a couple of seasons ago, now torn down again to access these works.

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And yet there has been talks recently that we might actually want to expand the RSP too. So any works done now are probably going to be torn up again soon anyway. :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:

Yeah i read they are studying how to add a third tier. I think it would be difficult to do that. The stadium was built in 1955 right?

Not too sure on that. And not sure how it would be done, but in the past if we needed it there was La Cartuja to fall back on, but the local government have refused to sign off on the safety certificates for that stadium as the cost of doing repair works to the roof just aren’t financially viable so basically the stadium is virtually closed now and not an option, besides it sounds like the roof could collapse so not sure we really want that. :sweat_smile:

I can’t see Betis being willing to ground share, and there isn’t another stadium close enough or big enough to host Sevilla games whilst any lengthy rebuilding would take place. Recre’s ground isn’t big enough, and Cadiz, Xerez and Malaga are all too far away.

If we had to ground share with Betis that would be me done with watching Sevilla live.
My first and probably last visit to their stadium was last year to watch Spain v England.
What a $hit hole.
We arrived about 40mins before kick off to be met by massive queues at our gate and a total lack of organisation in getting people through the turnstiles and into the ground. We finally made it inside as the players were entering the field and started the search for our seats, there were no stewards or security staff to direct us to the correct section, there were no numbers on any of the aisles and hundreds of other supporters facing the same problem.
We eventually found the right row for our seats 10mins into the game and spent the rest of the time getting dripped on by the leaking roof over our heads, my knees were up around my ears due to the very narrow space between my seat and the one in front
There were still people entering the stadium 30mins into the first half and wandering around looking for their seats, it was a complete shambles.
At the final whistle it took us around half an hour to escape.

I don’t think we would ever ask to share with Betis haha. If the stadium wasn’t at least safe for spectators, I would think they would have asked for additional away matches to start the season. I guess we will see.

I would guess Sevilla would pay for the work needed on Estadio La Cartuja and move in there for a season. I watched Spain v China there, it is a terrible football stadium.