Who's in the Pots?

Seeded: Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Benfica, Chelsea, Shakhtar Donetsk, Monaco, Spartak Moscow

Pot 2: Barcelona, Atletico, Paris Saint-Germain, Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla, Man City, FC Porto, Man United

Pot 3: Napoli, Tottenham, FC Basel, Olympiakos, Anderlecht, Liverpool, Roma, Besiktas

Pot 4: Celtic, CSKA Moscow, Sporting CP, APOEL Nicosia, Feyenoord, NK Maribor, FK Qarabag, RB Leipzig

Who would you like to see Sevilla match up against?

I’d go for:

Juventus, Sevilla, Basel, any of the 4th pot

The less drama the better. Atletico almost always gets crappy opponents even at the second pot, so we need a fair treatment this time also.

Would like to avoid Bayern, Chelsea from the first pot and Roma, Napoli from the third, the 4th ones we can beat without much hassle I assume, even Leipzig and Sporting.

Dream draw:

Spartak, Sevilla, Basel, Maribor/Qarabag

Reality: Bayern, Sevilla, Roma, CSKA/Sporting

Totally forgot that the draw for CL group stage is tomorrow evening and not on Friday as usual alongside EL draw. Couldn’t wait till Friday to be honest, so YAY!

I don’t want to play Juve again. Obviously would prefer to dodge Leipzig or a trip to Azerbaijan from Pot 4.

I would like us to draw Celtic, it would be party time again in Sevilla. I remember when they played Porto in the UEFA cup final. Their fans drank the city dry and a great time was had by all.

I’ll go for
Shakhtar Sevilla, Anderlecht Celtic

Just read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bhoys_from_Seville

Legendary folks!

I thought Napoli would be in pot 2 given their performances in the last few seasons but they’re still in pot 3, not good.

Teams I would like to avoid: Bayern, Juve, Monaco, Spartak and Donetsk (more for the trips than for matchups) Napoli, Roma, CSKA, RB

Tottenham played their European games Wembley last season and were absolute shit so not too much to worry about there.

Wouldn’t mind Basel, Anderletcht (hi capel!) and sporting.

I’m not trying to jinx the draw, but I actually want to play at least 1 of the big teams. I am a bit afraid of Napoli, though that would gift us with 2 gorgeous games of football. Pot 1 doesn’t seem as strong as in recent years. Either way, we shouldn’t be afraid of any team. That’s what we’re here for.

Seems like there are two and a half teams I’d be most happy with in group one: Spartak, Shakhtar, and then Benfica is the half…

Group three would be good to avoid: Roma, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Napoli.

Group four, nice to avoid travel.

another way of saying this is that we have a 75% chance of getting a tough team from group one (now calling Benfica tough) and a 25% chance from pot three… or an 18.75% chance of getting screwed with both coming up tough.

Anyway, i think the draw is 1pm EST… will be holding my breath.

A link to the live stream.

Glad I’m not the only one watching the live draw…Totti just said “Bayern Monaco”…either really nervous or slightly braindead after so many headers/tackles over the years.


Group 2 being drawn now!

Spartak! Not bad in pot 1

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YES! Great so far.

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Group E

Crikey, good, but it’s like watching paint dry

barca v juve
atleti v chelsea
RM v dortmund

thats as good as we could’ve asked for.

We need girls in bikini’s like boxing or something instead Totti’s ugly face. haha

I keep thinking about all of the hilariously stupid conspiracy theories surrounding these selection events. I’m sure some have been true in the past, but mostly are just silly theories about why my team got screwed at some point in history…

Liverpool in E - hmmmm rematch!