Where's Arana?

He says he’s fit and ready to play and yet we still don’t see him. So it’s Carole again!
Escudero returns and Kjaer missing due to backache.

Squad for A Madrid
Sergio Rico, David Soria, Ondoa, Corchia, Mercado, Lenglet, Escudero, Carole, Geis, Pizarro, Nzonzi, Banega, Correa, Jesus Navas, Sarabia, Nolito, Franco Vazquez, Ben Yedder and Murie l.

Even if he’s not 100% he should travel witht the squad while he’s getting to know them.

He could be acclimatizing himself or maybe he’s just too good and they’re teaching him how to let the ball go between his legs and then fall over or to be well out of position on counter attacks, so he fits in well with the squad.


Corchia - Mercado - Lenglet - Escudero
Nzonzi - Pizarro
Sarabia Vazquez Correa
Ben Yedder

Would be my guess. Banega needs a break

Where is MKD?

LOL… can’t be something else really!

Still no sign of him even being in the match day squad. What the hell did we buy this guy for??

Quite weird. We paid 11 million Euros for a player that cannot get ready (physically fit) to even sit on the bench?

Perhaps he’s been given an extended break. The Brazilian calendar is messed up where they spend the early months of the year playing lower-tiered teams in the state championships. Then the league runs from May to December. After Montella’s seen his Eibar experimentation hit the fan, i doubt we’ll see much changes to the 1st team until at least after that 1st leg with United.

I think he may get a subs appearance this month, and his first start no later than March. If not, Montella must have something against Brazilians :s

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