What is your most memorable Atletico Match?

I’m doing an interview with our friends over at Into the Calderon and they have asked a question about what is your most memorable Atletico match. For me it is last years bounce in the Copa over two matches. What do you think?
My memory is terrible when it comes to historic games. I quickly forget matches.

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2010 Copa Del Rey final. Capel scored inside 5 minutes & Navas sealed the deal with a breakaway at the end.


The only one that springs to mind right now was the one when N’Zonzi scored at the RSP and we went top of La Liga.


(Based on you’re referring to Sevilla V Atletico)

So many have been memorable for different reasons.

The one in the Calderon where the bottle of Valentines whisky was launched at Palop, if that had happened in Sevilla they would have closed the stadium as punishment.

The Cup Final, because the TV commentator was an Atletico fan and he was almost crying when Navas broke the line and headed towards the goalkeeper.

The 2-5 in Sevilla where Banega lost the ball on the edge of the box and it went 0-1 after just 10 seconds of play.

The home game we lost 5 seasons back, it first game of the season, Vitolo and Iborra’s debut. Perotti scored a great opener but Atletico came back with 3, it was 45ºc in Nervion.

And of course the one where the colchoneros sang ‘Ea ea Puerta se marea’


The ones where Diego Costa was being nasty and took a punch in the rib from Fazio… should’ve punched the bastard harder though.


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