What is Sevilla FC's Best Lineup for the 2021-2022 Season?

Apologies if a similar thread has already been made, I couldn’t see it.

So with the Transfers market closed, what are your best/preferred line-ups from what we have now?



It’s a good question because the newbies should give Lopetegui more options.
I’ve thought about it and cant pin it down after the first five.

With Champions and liga it’s a minimum of 4000 minutes per automatic choice player and I think Lope will try to keep some players around 3000 minutes because of their age.

Papu, Oscar, Oliver, Rafa Mir and Lamela will probably get rotated all season for tactical reasons. The other great unknown is Ocampos.

I wish someone could come up will an 11 that includes Papu in a forward position.
… And just as I’m Typing this, Jesus pops in with a team.


Good stuff, We have plenty of options. Maybe I went a bit ahead since Ocampos is not fit yet, but the treat of a season 1 Ocampos I can’t pass out on. I like the idea of looking towards some sort of 4-4-2 system or at least a 2 striker system to improve our goal treat and use Rafa mir better. I personally don’t like to pin Gomez too much to a wing position. Because that’s when none of the other midfielders are willing to be available in more dangerous positions. Where I would like to see him be the one to receive it in those positions closer to our strikers.

If I’d be stuck to the 4-3-3 formation of Lope, my best one would be like Eddie’s in the other topic.

But I also tried to make an other 2 striker line up for when we need to go more ham later in the game. Or use some other players. I want to have room for the midfielder to come in deeper positions, with runs. With two striker I feel the Value of a player like Rakitic rises who will find the good ball or set up for them. Also if it’s necessary, I prefer Fernando to slot into the back (inbetween Carlos and Kounde), instead of a wingback (Navas in your example) to keep the pressure on the wings higher from our full backs, and he does it better in my opinion as well. And he can still fill the role of connector.


If Ocampos is fit, I would definitely like to play your first line-up. But it’s not ‘Lope’s 433’ in my opinion, because Lope plays with Fernando as a sole controlling midfielder and two box-to-box / creative players in front of him.

I read you’re first formation more as a Unai Emery throwback 4-2-3-1. Fernando has similar capabilities and rola compared to Kychowiak, Jordan is box-2-box like Iborra/N’Zonzi (not similar players and qualities, but similar roles to fill), Papu will be the creative play dictator like Banega. But that’s just how I interpret that formation.


Yes but Lope’s line up is always like that. And on the field Fernando takes the defensive position. That’s why in a formation it doesn’t matter how it’s written, but how you fill it on the pitch. In his formation pre game it’s never a one men in front of defence. In the official line up its almost always a 3 man line.Yet we all know what role Fernando is going to play. that’s why I called it Lope’s 4-3-3s line up. A 4-3-3 formation on paper, with a different touch, yes. In General, you can line up like a 4-3-3 but play like 4-4-2. What really matters is how it’s formed on the pitch. You can call it 4-2-3-1. You can play a more tight 4-3-3 and still call it 4-3-3 instead of 4-5-1. It’s just a label, that I don’t mind to much. But I put it wide, and Lope does that too. And I would like to see a bit more attacking impulse front the midfield so I put Papu Infront. Where If you have Jordan or Rakitic they often stay on one line too deep. My thought would be that Papu could be more free to help and hover both left and right for more creative combinations. So he can be really slippery for the defenders, or at least that’s my wish. You can still get the same effect, if you put it like this on paper.