Visiting in May to write an article

Hello all,

I’m hoping to finally visit Sevilla to write an article for my website, looking at the culture, experience, and the interesting global support for a Spanish team that isn’t Barca/Real.

Anyway, just my luck that the weekend I can travel is the El Gran Derbi. Is it going to be impossible to get a ticket? Also, I assume the game will be either Fri/Sat/Sun, not Monday?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer


It 99.999999% won’t be a Friday either.

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Thanks. Small world, I’m also in Surrey

You will probably get tickets, usually there are few of them, the price is around 100 euros.

The exact date also depends on the Europa League, if Sevilla are successful, they will play the semi final on Thursday 18th May and next week is the middle round so the game will be on Sunday. Otherwise, there is a possibility that it will be on Saturday.


Thanks Jakob, appreciate it. Steep price but I’m sure it’s worth it

I’d gladly pay 500, lol. So yeah, definitely worth the 100 €


Noted! Will start saving the euros. Haha