UEL R32: Sevilla v CFR Cluj (2nd leg) [2019-20]

I think most of us agree. How can or does Monchi move on?

Couldn´t watch the game, and kept up via the livescores. 0-0 for too long of a time made me fear something was gonna happen when Suddenly I saw the 0-1 on there. Thinking it was over, I looked back some time later, again a 0-0 score. Relieved but kinda annoyed, that it has to get that far, to go through this round. So playing against a opponent of better name does that make us maybe play better? Guess we will see it soon enough. Still thinking that we will fall short in every league in the end…

I think Monchi is vindicated. I’m more than happy with the majority of his signings, especially Diego Carlos, Kounde, Fernando and Ocampos.

The problem is the style of play. After the Espanyol game Lope said he would have to go back to square one on the play out of defence. But the next game in Rumania he didn’t. Along comes Getafe next, everyone thinks we’re going to lose, he drops the slow play out in favour of the longer ball and bingo.

So the play needs a few tweeks, we have the fastest player in the league (En Neysiri) and we don’t play any long balls ??? In fact we don’t play anything through the middle. The wing play needs to pull inside about 5 to 10 yards and that will facilitate the connection with the middle.


also we are 11th on the Uefa Ranking coefficient list, of the last 5 years. Didn´t expect us that high after last years. But eleventh, that´s so high. I hope to get one of the strongest oponents so this team gets forced to step up and evolve, which will help the team a lot. Results doesn´t even matter. Just improvement. Rather that, then LASK Linz, and get a trashy win or even lose lol.

Spot on Tim.
We need to start mixing it up a bit, I’m getting sick of seeing every attack come down the right wing via Navas to cross, only for De Jong to watch a defender head it clear. How many of these crosses have resulted in a goal this season?

We should have won easily last night with the number of chances we had in the first half.

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Sevilla v Roma

Also for me:
Inter v Getafe
Bayer Leverkusen v Rangers

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Anyone making the trip to Rome?

Not me, can’t really afford it. For me the easiest one would have been Leverkusen away in Glasgow but unfortunately I have work the next day. :sweat_smile:

Go get em Monch!


That’s right its the Monchi derby

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Tough draw. We will have to improve significantly to stand a chance.

Difficult match and Monchi will not want to lose this one. Big pressure on Lopetegui and team to perform here. We will have to play much better than we did last round if we want to progress.

I like the draw, looks like in the national leagues Roma and Sevilla are doing similarly atleast point wise. We collected 1 more. Out of 25 matches, we got 43 versus 42 for them. Roma hasn´t been on fire that much but they seem to score atleast a bit easier than us. Out of all the draws, the most exciting one imo. Which if we move on, will for sure be more hyped. 2 weeks to prepare, let´s go get them.

I might consider it if we don’t thrashed in the 1st leg. Been there before it’s a beautiful city.

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Good draw :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not afraid of Roma. The teams are pretty evenly matched, but they might have the edge because they have a competent coach. Dzeko vs Diego Carlos will be fun, a couple ex-SFC players in there with Fazio & Perotti, and an ex-betico GK that will def hear it from the crowd.

Good draw. I like the Spain vs Italy double header. I feel like Getafe could get one on Inter, who have a habit of losing important matches.

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Getafe ftw!

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As much as i like what Conte has done, besides the derby, they haven’t won any big matches. The way Juve destroyed them last time out told me everything.

But i’m still pulling for y’all on Sunday. :wink:

Monchi was very ambitious at the start of this season, proclaiming that we could challenge at the top. Now that we see that isn’t the case, it’s worrying that Lopetegui is struggling to even have us bridge the gap. Perhaps we have to find out at end of the season how it all develops.

I believe to achieve something great, teams have to build from the back. Monaco was a boring defensive team the year before they became an attacking force in 2017. Leicester also relied on their defense the season they won the PL. Even Man City was only winning games 1-0 as they finished off last season.

Lope’s problem is style, like @TimSpence2 said. And i think the team he’s put out for 3 consecutive games is the only one he can trust right now. Perhaps Oliver’s injury was horrible timing in all this, and that once he’s back we’ll get creative with our play again.

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