UEL Matchday 2: Sevilla vs APOEL [2019-20]

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019
1500 EST / 2100 CET / 0500 AEST

After realizing its first victory at home this season, Sevilla will hope to achieve that same feat in the Europa League on Matchday 2. Visiting Nervión are the 7-time defending Cypriot champions APOEL, who have been making a name for themselves in Europe in recent years. They’ll be seeking their first 3 points as they were involved in a 4-3 defeat at home. They came back after being down 2-0, but Dudelange left with the spoils after answering with a comeback of their own. Safe to say there might be goals in this one.

“I wouldn’t call them rotations, but squad management.” - J. Lopetegui

At last, we see a squad with the usually discarded players. Gómez, Bryan & Dabbur are all included in a list of 19. Excluded are Ocampos, Navas, De Jong, Fernando and Carriço, with the latter hoping to be fit for the visit to Barcelona on Sunday.

Regardless of what Julen calls it, we’ll at least have a different striker leading the frontline. These extra matches of European football are a blessing, as they give us a chance to develop team chemistry. Speaking of which, for those that missed it, our 3rd goal vs Qarabag involved 37 passes and went through all 11 of our players, before finding Óliver who finished in style.

¡Vamos muchachos!


Me gusta. :grinning:

I wish we would have seen Dabbur from the start of course. I hope Bryan gets to show in the second half as well.

Bono actually gets a start. :raised_hands:

I see Dabbur getting subbed in, followed by the biggest of roars from the crowd.

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Nice to see others get a chance. Hopefully Lopi gives Dabbur at least 30 mins!

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I bet he moves Munir over to striker and Dabbur doesn’t see time. That would be some shit if he did that.

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I’m watching on DAZN and they got the Arsenal match commentary over this one. Lmao

First 10 minutes… some nice simple play in their half. Working our way into their box. One decent chance fell to Kounde from a corner, but really good save from the keeper.

Yeah, it defo wouldn’t surprise me if he did it! He just clearly not a fan of him

GOL de Chicharito (18’). Lovely team goal involving some nice passing at the edge of the box. 1-0 Sevilla


Anyone know the lyrics for the chant they are doing to the tune of Bella Ciao?

That sucks! CH14 was fouled at the top of the box, instead of playing the advantage the ref blows it. Sevilla kept playing and would have scored. :frowning: Missed the free kick

That goal woulda been offside.

How are we playing? I am out playing myself tonight so not watching.

Very patient with loads of possession. APOEL refusing to come out, so we’re passing the ball a lot thru the CB’s and out wide. Some nice touches between Mudo-Rony-Jordan. Lots of little triangles, but we haven’t really penetrated much.

We’ll definitely see more goal action once the match opens up. Their GK looks shaky.

We played well. Controlled the tempo and pace of game. Hopefully we can add a couple more goals 2nd half! Vamos!

Bryan Gil getting ready… exactly the player that needs to come on.

60’ - Munir OUT. Bryan IN.

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Munir off - Bryan on 60’

Sevilla have 3 players on the pitch right now that wouldn’t be able to drink a beer in the US.