UEL FINAL: Sevilla vs. Inter Milan [2019-20]


In their first competitive meeting, Sevilla & Inter Milan take centre stage in this Europa League finale.

This mighty force we call Sevillismo has got us through the tougher half of the Europa League draw, eliminating sides like Roma, Wolves & Man United. It couldn’t be a more prestigious occasion with a storied, 3-time UEFA Cup winning Inter Milan club being the final hurdle to achieving Europa League success.

The encounter at the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne will showcase an intriguing clash of styles. Tactically, there shouldn’t be any surprises as both teams are very established in their styles of play, which has aided them in reaching the final. Conte has adapted his team to be an efficient counterpuncher, and relying on their strongpoints to see out their opponents. Boasting an elite spine of De Vrij, Brozovic, Lukaku & Lautaro (LuLa), it’s hard to fathom they are even in the Europa League to begin with.

Inter ended their domestic season in 2nd, conceding the least, and scoring the 2nd highest goal tally. With possibly the most lethal striking partnership in Europe, the battle of LuLa against Kounde & Carlos will be highly anticipated. Although De Vrij is an excellent passer from the back, Lopetegui will also need to put focus on the midfield and stop the supply from Brozovic, which has helped many teams stifle the Nerazzurri.

Having already qualified for the Champions League, this tournament presented Sevilla with a gauntlet. As a precursor to next season’s European campaign, we were matched with clubs who challenged us in different ways. The manner in which each victory was achieved is a testament to how much this team has grown over the last 12 months. The threat of Džeko & Mkhitaryan brought little danger; the unstoppable freight train that is Adama Traore ran out of steam; and the effervescent front trio from Man United has seen our defence recall the numerous triumphs from this past season and secured the result.

Tonight, Julen’s men will look to dominate, as they did against Inter’s Italian counterparts Roma, by suppressing the opposition with possession, using the entire width of the pitch, searching for avenues to get in behind Inter’s defence. Both sets of fullbacks will be on full display. Inter’s 3-5-2 matches up very well against our 4-3-3, so the outcome will likely come down to individual brilliance. And who better to rely on than our own mercurial maestro Éver Maximiliano Banega?

It has been a very long season, and its curtain closer will also spell the end of a chapter for a few Sevilla players this evening, namely for Éver Banega. We all know the countless times he’s evoked both ire and jubilation amongst Sevillistas. But this last marathon run to the Europa League final feels like it’s been written. Could there ever be a better sendoff?


Banega: “We know they are very powerful but we are Sevilla FC and we are in the final for a reason."




Nice intro there, I’m hyped and getting ready!



Am I in an Inter or Sevilla jersey tonight? :wink: Answers on a postcard.


A great preview mate! It’s going to be a tough challenge but one we can rise to the occasion like we have in past.

Like you said we have grown as a team and got better as season has progressed. It’s been a strange season as we all know with Covid and lots of uncertainty but this would be a great way to sign off this campaign.

We have the heart, passion, quality, experience and calmness to get the win. Of course inter possess those qualities too so I really see a close match. Either way as long as the team does their best and fights for everything we can be proud of them. Whether we win or lose we set up for exciting times ahead with champions league return, maybe some new exciting additions and hopefully having the fans back to celebrate our success and growth with sometime into next season.

Lopetegui after his first trophy too so will be pumped himself. I hope we can do it for all sevilla fans and would be an amazing way to end season and give us even more confidence for what’s ahead. Full respect to Inter and Conte though and I know it’s gonna be difficult. However, in this competition and in cup competitions in general we fear no one. We are a great cup team and I hope we find a way again.

Vamos sevilla!


I really hate being pedantic but it’s actually the RheinEnergieStadion. All one word. :joy:


I saw that and said “nah, couldn’t be one word.” :rofl:


De Jong gets the start.

Vamos mi Sevilla! Win or lose it’s been a great season and proud as ever to be a Sevillista!!!


De Jong starting, probably for the better if we manage to control the ball and play towards therlir box as we should. Bring nesyri as fresh runner will be a good plan second half


Banega will want to leave his best impression, hope that works out for him.

Whatever happens I had sufficient euphoria for one season after the last game, any more and the heart will just explode. I can’t ask for more from this club.

The lucky charms are still there, scattered around the TV but I’m off to watch with family.


I’m glad ocampos is fit to start! I actually agree with De Jong starting. It’s gonna be a physical game and de jong will help us in that aspect. He can hold the ball up well too and help us in defending their set pieces.

En Neysri has played a lot lately so he could be a bit jaded too. En Neysri is a great player to bring on here when the game gets stretched. He works hard and with his pace it could work well 2nd half.

It’s a strong team and the spine is there again. Let’s do this again! Vamos!

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Let’s do this for the love of football… may football win tonight, otherwise, back to the Greece 2004 and Mourinho era. Anti-football does not have place in football!


Let’s do this boys!!! It has been a great season. Let’s finish strong with a resounding win!


Hi Guys haven’t been on for a while but I’m in full force with you guys tonight. We need to be 100%. It will be a great spectacle. Key players I feel will be navas and banega.


But Inter don’t play anti football. :rofl:


Hi Tim, who will be key tonight for Sevilla?


No they are the Barca of 2008-09 lol… the delusional fans!


The scarf that @Brian sent me as a gift, which I appreciate for life - and the 2007-08 kit!



Don’t worry boys I’ve got your backs. Some of the so called Inter “supporters” on that forum are really fucking weird.

Can’t say I recall anyone on here really being overly aggressive towards another team or supporters. Yeah some might be a bit like fuck Betis, fuck Real Madrid, fuck Barca, but I certainly don’t recall anyone being so personal against other people or other clubs supporters. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Shend hit a nerve :eyes:


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