UEFA Super Cup


Super Cup will not have extra time. Straight to PKs

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If Bounou is still here: easy win if we go to penalties! :yum:


I have to say this does fall in our favor. By all standards they have the stronger team. IF we are able to play 90 minutes to a draw, I like our chances with Bono in goal.


While we over perform in uefa finals 7 from 7 we under perform in European Supercopas 1 from 7.

As expected really with Champions teams generally stronger but maybe the midsummer dates and the squad reconstruction might be a hindrance.

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Shouldn’t that be 1 from 6?

Don’t think we should count the 7th yet, since it hasn’t been played…



Too right, one is in abeyance and so I just jinxed the game.

Season 3 Wall GIF by The Simpsons

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