UCL MD4: Sevilla FC at Dortmund [22/23]


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Papu & Montiel on the bench.
The Sampa way, never play the same 11 twice LOL

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Ogc Nice Celebration GIF by Olympique de Marseille

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Marcao not getting time to slowly adjust. Not sure how he recuperates from last weekend but I would have been more careful. But Sampaoli also said, If Acuna is at 50% he’s there. Says something about both as well. Suso in a more central role maybe, Navas back on the wing. Let’s see it, last chance to actually try compete for CL.

FC Kopenhagen keeping City with 10 men at a draw.

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I think there was a glimmer of hope in what we saw against Athletic. Still a long way to go, but at least we saw a spark. Still not expecting much from this though, but I have more hope now than just a week ago.

As long as we take a small step forward I will be happy. Give them more of a fight than last time…

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Man City missed a penalty too

Completely oblivious to offside as always.

Let’s go guys! Vamos!

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I’m really liking what Marcao has shown. Similar style to Diego Carlos.


Damn… So close Rakitic… After good low cross from Navas.

Lamela on the left looks really odd, but he set that up well.

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Lovely football there from us. Close by rakitic!

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Marcao impressing so far!

Nianzou baby, great set piece. Vamooooos!

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Great set-piece!
Interesting experiment: scoring inside 20 minutes to test and see if we will return to Lope-ball.

Defending is one thing, as long as it has a goal, and you look for moments. Lope ball doesn’t have a goal but waste time.

Great powerful headed and great set piece. We have caused the problems and get our rewards. Now we keep attacking and we have no worries of that with Jorge Sampaoli.

Shaky moment for Marcao. End all good luckily.