UCL MD1: Sevilla FC vs Manchester City [22/23]

May the lord be with us :pray:


Go easy on us haaland! :rofl:

Will it be a more damaging scoreline than the Barca game?

It is such a pity that CL games should some sort of reward, but considering club’s current poor situation I don’t really look forward for the game. However, I will watch it and hope for miracle. What else we can do, right


Rekik recovered. Januzaj & Fernando also in the squad. Will Dmitrovic play ?

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I have a feeling it will be about the same scoreline. Hopefully we can get a goal though and at least make some fight of it but I won’t hold my breath.

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I think plenty of alcoholic beverage will be the key to me watching this one. :grimacing:

Fernando & Lamela not trained today Lope waiting on how they feel tomorrow.

Lopetegui: “I’m excited. I’m going here with great enthusiasm. It’s the Champions League”


As fans there is not much else to do. But it’s very irritating to know that the management is doing literally the same - watching the matches (and the situation) and hoping for a miracle.

I think Lope has just given up at this point. He is considering this as a Fifa Manager game… if he gets sacked, who cares? He’ll just start a new game, with a lot of $ in his bank this time.

The only ones at fault from now on are the management and no one else. Lope doesn’t care anymore - he won’t change anything as shown, we’ve had 15-20 min sparks for ages and couldn’t build anything on that.

A clever coach would just experiment at this point and try something else for a change, knowing that the usual tactics don’t work.

A clever coach…

He has for 2 games now. We still have the same issues (goal scoring, full 90 performance), but i don’t think it’s fair to say he hasn’t tried something else.


people of a nervous disposition look away now

Exactly and it shows for 15 minutes but Sevilla fails again and again to finish a game out.

A counter attacking masterclass will be required for us to get anything out our two games against city.

Are we capable of pulling it off ? (I’m not so sure)

City will be looking to make a statement

After seeing how Lewandowski ghosted between the Sevilla defense at the weekend, I don’t see how they’ll cope with Haaland any better. Not confident.

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We’ve often had those 15-20 min sparks in previous seasons but nothing really changed as we didn’t build up on that. It’s not in the team’s DNA to play well, unfortunately.

We’ve also played decently in some matches, but very sporadically, never in a consistent way.

So I don’t buy that as a change or anything like that.

We still don’t have:

  • A proper attacking system when we have the ball, throughout the match. Wrong positioning in the box, wasteful crosses, incorrect movements outside the box etc. - that’s all part of a tactical failure.

  • A proper counter-attacking system. Never had it and it’s not easy to develop it without fast players, but a decent coach would be able to improvise something on that, Lope doesn’t even try.

  • The right mindset to win. The team is psychologically wrecked and it is on the coach to turn this around. This is all due to the poor tactics and playing system that got us in this place to begin with.

We have to remember that it’s not all about DC and Kounde’s departure. The other players are more or less the same - the coach has to make it work. We have lost narrowly to Osasuna and Almeria and drew with Valladolid. The problem? Clearly not the defense. It’s the midfield and the attack - it’s the way we play.


I’m hoping that Nianzou and Rekik will find some inspiration to perform at the required level tonight, as we will need a tight defense for this one. However, naturally there’s 0 optimism for this and we all know why.

Disgraceful that neither of the centrebacks were there, Montiel and Fernando were the closest. That was rank bad defending and indiscipline.


Our under 19 team lost to Man City 1-5 after going 1 up

CD: Erling Haaland has gotten off the mark quickly in the Premier League and is no stranger to scoring goals in the UCL either. What will Sevilla need to do to slow down City’s new striker?

CL: I’m sure Lopetegui is trying to scheme for it, but I really don’t know what he can do at this point other than spike his matpakke with a laxative.