Tickets for Valencia game

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Sorry, duplicate from a reply in another thread but I just worked out how to start a new topic!

Myself and 2 friends are travelling to Seville specifically for the Valencia game (we do a trip every year to a different European great).

Is it advisable to pre-buy tickets for this game or would be OK getting them either on the day or the day before from the ground? Basically, is it likely to be sold out?

If we should but them ahead of time, is the official site OK for visitors - would I need to register etc?

Any advice gratefully received - including tips on bars and restaurants while we are there, of course!

many thanks

The time/date for this game has just been announced as Sunday 31st March. k. off 16;15 cet. (Don’t forget that the clocks go forward 1 hour at 3 am Sunday 31st)

To be sure of getting tickets together pre buy using the official site. Tickets will go on sale around a week or so before the game There is an option for changing the language in the top right hand corner, click on where it says Español and change to English.
There is no need to register, Choose the game you want tickets for and fill in the form, where it asks you for your DNI put your passport number in.
Tickets are then e-mailed to you to print off. it can sometimes take a couple of days so don’t worry if they are not sent instantly.
Whether the game sells out could depend on the next couple of results LOL.
The stadium is surrounded by bars/restaurants

Anything else you need to know just ask.

Brian, many thanks for your reply - much appreciated.

I will keep checking the website.

Top tip about the clocks going forward!!

One more thing, if I may? Is there a good place for us visiting fans to sit? I guess the North and South stands will be for the home season ticket holder and the away fans. For the semi neutral (we will sporting Sevilla tops I suspect), are either of the ‘long’ sides OK?

Thanks again

The best place is the “preferencia” (West stand) These seats are more expensive but are in the shade, or in the case of rain the upper 3 sections are the only seats under cover. Most tickets for public sale will be in this stand.
The opposite “fondo” long side is ok but due to the kick off time could be in full sun all through this game and it can get very hot and uncomfortable.
The North goal is akin to the “kop” end in the lower section where everyone stands and can get a bit unrestrained at times, but never violent.
The South goal patrons are more sedate and remain seated.
The away fans are located in the top corner of the South goal, but due to the travelling distances involved usually number a few hundred at most.

Thank you Brian! You should change your user name to ‘The Oracle’!

So looking forward to the game and visiting Seville.

Thank you again for all your advice

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Hey Laz, thanks for stopping by. We would love to hear about your experience when you wrap up. Enjoy Sevilla and the Ramon Sanchez Pizuan. It’s a magical place!

Guys - I know I being really stupid! The Valencia game is now on the ticket page of the website, but I cannot work out how to get through to purchase tickets.

As I say, I know I am being daft, but any ideas?!!

Don’t panic. They’re not on sale yet, the ticket page is just showing the calendar of matches coming up.

If you are still there Laz tickets are now on sale on the club site

Hi Brian. All sorted! In the Preferencia, not too far up in the Gods!!
So looking forward to the game and visiting Seville.
Many thanks for all your help!

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