Ticket Purchase


I am an American fútbol fan who just purchased a ticket from the official Sevilla FC website for the upcoming match against Barcelona in May.

While the site accepted my CC and is showing the purchase, I did not receive any confirmation from Sevilla or any ticket information regarding the purchase. I sent an email to the club asking why I didn’t receive anything but I wanted to see if anyone on here was familiar with this or why I wouldn’t have received anything when I bought the ticket through the official website.


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I wouldn’t worry too much re not receiving your ticket yet as the date and time for this match is still to be decided.
The match could take place on any day between Fri 24th & Mon 27th, it will not be confirmed until 2 or 3 weeks before.

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Okay thank you, so it’s normal to not receive any indication the purchase was made?

I received an email from a company called Link which I believe the club uses to process the transaction but other than that, I have no record of the purchase being successful.

Knew the date wasn’t necessarily finalized but not getting any record that the ticket was secured for me felt kind of strange.

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The email from Link is your receipt of purchase, it’s just that the club can’t issue a ticket until they know the date and time.
You will be ok and receive your ticket nearer the time.
You will probably not get a reply to your email to the club, as speaking from experience their IT department leaves much to be desired.


haha ain’t that the truth. Sounds like they should hire someone the may or may not host a certain fan forum. haha