Ticket Help

Hi, firstly thanks for letting me join the forum.

I’m after a bit of help. I’m in Seville (with the family) next month and was hoping to take in Sevilla v Valencia.

I’ve tried on the Sevilla FC website to get tickets, but it’s stating I need an ID. I’ve tried putting my passport number in, with no success. I’m waiting for the ticket office to get back to me.

Am I able to buy tickets online (from the UK) or am I best waiting until I get to Seville?

Any advice would be appreciated? Also any recommendations on best areas of the ground to sit would be great or places to visit before/after the match would be awesome.

Thanks I’m advance, Steven


Hi Steven.
If you do get an answer from the ticket office I would be interested in hearing it. I can see they’ve changed the layout of the ticket-process since I visited them in October last year. I had no problems buying tickets and I use my passport ID - I live in Denmark, so I don’t know if it is any different to UK-residents though…

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Hi Niller, yeah the Ticket Office were very efficient. As a non-Spanish citizen I simply had to type “00000000T” into the ID section. I was then able to purchase tickets.

Really pleased and the family are really looking forward to watching Sevilla v Valencia.

Hope the above helps. Steven


Nice hack, there. I recall lots of foreigners running into this recently, so this tip will solve some folks some headaches

I’m looking at the tickets for the Valencia-game and it looks like a lot of seats are available. Can that really be? Maybe the season ticket holders are out of town in august.

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Ever been to Sevilla in August? There is a reason the locals leave town. It is HOT. 40-45C. I will be here though :).


I have actually and it makes perfect sense :slightly_smiling_face: I was just surprised by the amount of available seats and didn’t actually realise that it is apparently a common thing that the locals leave town during the summer.


Switched from Fahrenheit already? Welcome to Europe :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL…just speaking in Euro terms ;). I will always “think” in Fahrenheit, but I have a general range in Celsius, it just does not come naturally.