The Monchi's Men Podcast - Episode 2

In this weeks podcast @ChrisLail and @Edinho are joined by Nick Verlaney of the London is Blue Podcast to discuss Chelsea and the upcoming Champions League match. Edi and Chris also discuss the disappointing Granada match from Saturday and analyze the start by Carlos Fernandez.


Anyone want to be a guest this weekend for episode 3 after the match on Saturday?


Chris, when do you usually record the podcast, what time zone and day approx?

I’d gladly be featured once a month or once every two months or so for some chat with you guys. Would like to recap the month after the Bilbao match on 31st if possible, maybe Sunday if you record then.

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We don’t have a set schedule at the moment; mainly because we are trying to hit after the matches during this busy time. That match, if Edi is good with it, will probably be around 1 or 2PM on that Saturday and we would love to have you. @Edinho you good with that date and time? I’ll add it to the calendar if so.


Yea i’ll be free after the match. If you want to push to Sunday, i’m fine with that too.

The match against Eibar is on Saturday at 1830hrs CET, so we’ll likely setup the meeting after the match at 2100hrs.

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Nice, Sunday might work as well as Edi mentioned. Count me in for now for the 31st of October or 1st of November after the Bilbao match.