The Jesus Navas issue

The legend will turn 35 this November and we have him under contract for another season.

Does anyone have any information what will happen with him after the contract expires? By the way he’s played this season and the way he’s going on… I think we could offer a 1 or 2 seasons extension… but would he accept? I don’t think he would want to end the career anywhere else than in Sevilla, not completely sure though.

He would definitely leave a big gap in the right flank when he leaves. Also can’t wait to see him play with Spain in Euro 2020 (now 2021).

What do you all think?


He is a legend, no questions about it. But he is getting old and that’s a reality. I don’t know his lungs will let him play for another season. What he need is a decent substitute (not Pozo🙂) who will let him rest for a couple of matches. That is the only way we could make him work like in the old days.


I don’t think he has a desire to play anywhere else at this point. He will retire in the Sevilla shirt and I don’t see why the team wouldn’t let him keep going on 1 years until he’s done. The guy is third in the league in minutes played with all of the other in the top 10 being goalkeepers except for Aspas (9th). If he can stay healthy (legs), he can play for several years imo if we can get him a good backup.


He was first until being given a rest and not starting the game. Unbelievable that he can play so much at his age and position. He’s the longest serving member of the squad by far and has taken the role of captain in his stride.

To let him leave on a free would be a disservice to him and piss off the fans. Get someone entering his prime to be his understudy and he can age in a more sustainable way. La Liga is more forgiving than the prem so he should be able to give around 2-3 more seasons depending on his usage and injuries. Joaquin is Betis’s icon, Navas is ours. Do not let him leave.

I also plan on braving the expensive shipping costs to buy his shirt. If only I knew the sizes so I won’t be buying blind.


I’m a fatty and normally wear an XL. I get XXL for the jerseys and they fit well without being tight. Also very well said about Navas. You nailed it.

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Goal’s La Liga team of the season has awarded the title of best right back to our very own Jesus Navas :grin:, he created more chances (62) and had more assists (7) than any other La Liga defender - well deserved.