The Battle in the Boardroom


Here is a list of our top 20 top transfers:

Amazing how much waste is on that top list. Lopes, Muriel, Promes, Dabbur, Mir, Nianzou, Amadou, Jordan, Gnagnon.

Way more misses than hits.


Plenty of Sevilla chat in this


Elsewhere, Andy explains how Sevilla have gone from perennial Europa League winners to the mess of a relegation battle and allegations of match-fixing

Say what?


When :snake::snake::snake: come?

I imagine the big shareholders meeting in December 2024 will decide the future of the board. This is the first realistic chance old snake chops has of booting out his son and Castro to take the throne. They will try to resist that though so not clear what will happen.


I just listened to this today. I wonder how credible the allegations were? On the one hand had Cadiz overhauled Majorca and survived, then you could see how it would benefit the club’s pursuit of Arasate. I don’t know what benefit it would be for Sevilla to have Cadiz overtake Rayo, who were the ones making the allegations, not unless they were after a Vallecano player or two.

I think it was as weak of an argument as Cadiz is Andalucian. Really weak.

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It’s really hard to be a fan of this team with such a shitty boardroom