Summer Olympics 2020 (non-football related)

Phew… what an emotional Saturday afternoon. Our small country Kosovo won its second gold medal, now through one of our queens Distria Krasniqi in Judo (Women’s 48 kg) after beating the tough Japanese Judoka - Funa Tonaki.

Majlinda Kelmendi won the first gold for us in the last Summer Olympics in Rio. She will compete tomorrow hoping to repeat the previous success, although she’s not quite in form unfortunately this time around.

Judo has more or less become our ‘national sport’ because of the continuous success and super-amazing high professional work being done by one of the world’s best Judo coaches that lives in Peja, Kosovo - Driton Kuka.

Kosovo’s most prominent achievements have come through individual combat (and martial arts) sports such as: Amateur boxing ; Wrestling; Judo and we have been known for this as we had a mix of high potential athletes and top class coaches. However, this was mostly during the ex-Yugoslavian era, medals and achievements that we did not inherit.

We can discuss sports and athletes that are not related to football here.


Congratulations @ShendM! Can’t wait to visit your country someday. I just will make sure not to get in a fight. Hehe


Congrats @ShendM Thats awesome news. I have really been enjoying the olympics this year even without fans and all the Covid regulations.


Kosovo won the second gold medal, brought by who else but a Judoka? Nora Gjakova won it in the Women’s 57 kg category. What a week it has been…