Starting 11 v Atletico Madrid

Vaclik, Navas, Diego Carlos, Koundé, Reguilón, Gudelj, Banega, Jordan, Ocampos, Suso and De Jong.
I can understand Banega replacing Fernando but…
Nesyri on the bench & De Jong to start!
WTF is lopi thinking here???

Oliver somehow doesn’t even make the bench. At least Munir is still alive.

Yeah de Jong is way more usefull as a battery ram 75+ minute, also against an Atlético de Jong is the type of striker they like to play against, they hate the quick and small ones and love to man handle a big one. So seems like Lope is feeding into them. It shouldn´t be the deciding factor tho. Vamoss mi Sevilla! Would be a great step if we get a win here!

How does Vaclik walk back in the team? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind LdJ but given YE-N scored two last week he should be starting. Lopetegui does absolutely fuck all to reward decent contributions and performances and instead just slots his favourites back in when available.

Our team spirit and player motivation must be shocking at times.

There is zero players to link up the back to the front in this system. You are forced to try and go out wide. If there is nothing there, you just punt it up and hope. It’s a terrible system.

Ocampos finds space but can’t find the top 90. Best chance for Sevilla so far.

Suso with a strike from distance and Oblack can’t pull it in. Ocampos pounces but hits side netting.

I must be still sleeping and dreaming…

That one was Suso. Decent shot tho, nasty bounce.

Fucking DeJong only scores in the important ones

LUUUUUKKKKKKKKKK Holy hell did that just happen? haha

Lets gooo boysssss 0-1!

gaping holes tho in the defense.

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Yeah fixed it after I saw the replay. Announcer said it was Banega haha.

Great first touch tho, anticipating the missed tackle from the atleti centre back. Well done Luuk.


I’m sure JLO is warming up Gomez to bring him on to “shut it down”. haha

What a good idea playing De Jong HA HA

Big penalty shout for AM hand ball by D Carlos

PK? Looks like it.

Vamos Sevilla! Nice one Luuk!