Squad Make Up 2024/25

I was thinking about what our squad could look like next season, and of course a lot could depend on what division we are in. Will we keep the likes of Jesus Navas and Ivan Rakitic about in La Liga? Would they stay to be experienced heads in a young rebuilt team in Segunda? We’ve got a fair few players who won’t stay if we go down, so who would stay do I think if the worst did happen…

Sergio Ramos (genuinely think he would!)
Suso (point to prove?)
Joan Jordan (see above)
Rafa Mir
Ivan Rakitic
Lukebakio (unless we get silly offers)
Jesus Navas
Sow (again unless we get silly offers)
Marcão (I think he owes us)
Juanlu (unless RM interest is firm)
Kike Salas

So that would leave potentially 8 spaces to fill, some probably with other youth players, and some with new signings after we sell off the others.

  1. Dmitrovic
  2. Gattoni
  3. Pedrosa
  4. Sergio Ramos
  5. Nianzou
  6. Gudelj
  7. Suso
  8. Joan Jordan
  9. Rafa Mir
  10. Rakitic
  11. Lukebakio
  12. Juanlu
  13. Nyland
  14. Nianzou
  15. Kike Salas
  16. Jesus Navas
  17. Dario
  18. Djibril Sow
  19. Isaac Romero
  20. Antonio Zarzana
  21. Manu Bueno
  22. Xavi Sintes
  23. Marcão
  24. Capi
  25. Alfonso Pastor

Obviously the above is without new signings, which I expect we will make once we sell the likes of Montiel, Ocampos, YEN, Lamela, Acuña, Oliver Torres and Bade and Soumare probably returns to Leicester.

Although having now looked Lamela and Oliver are out of contract anyway come the Summer.

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There can not be a way in hell Rafa Mir stays, I just don’t see it. Unmanageable situation. This window he will be out already, or we failed miserably in providing am exit just like last window.


Mate he would probably bang in about 75 goals in the Second Division.

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But he is wishing to leave for a while had offers from Milan, Valencia and probably more, you think if we demote that suddenly he is like ah well, at least I get to play at shit level and suddenly he likes it here.
You are right, he could, because he has a contract. But realistically I think he’s done, from his side and from our side. There has to be more behind it than just scoring goals.

You think they are just looking for adding a striker now, to fill the En-Nesyri gap? Maybe. But I think they look for permanent substitutes for both.

Holding onto Pedrosa, Sow and Lukebakio will be difficult too I imagine. Demoting hurts a ton, let’s not underestimate that.


Well I’m still hoping for an Óscar Rodriguez redemption arc somewhere along the way so… :smiling_face_with_tear:


As I said in the Winter transfer thread we need players who want to fight for the shirt going forwards…

  1. Dmitrovic (GK)
  2. Alfonso Pastor (GK)
  3. Jesus Navas (RB)
  4. Juanlu Sanchez (RB)
  5. Adri Pedrosa (LB)
  6. Kike Salas (CB / LB)
  7. Sergio Ramos (CB)
  8. Marcão (CB)
  9. Bade (CB)
  10. Nianzou (CB)
  11. Gattoni (CB)
  12. Gudelj (CB / CM)
  13. Pedro Ortiz (CM)
  14. Manu Bueno (CM)
  15. Rakitic (CM)
  16. Sow (CM)
  17. Soumare (CM)
  18. Suso (WG)
  19. Ocampos (WG)
  20. Lukebakio (WG)
  21. Bryan Gil (WG)
  22. Isaac Romero (WG / CF)
  23. (CF)
  24. (CF)
  25. (CF)

For me with limited funds we would be stupid not to try get Bryan on a season long loan to be honest. The big issue for me is strikers as Mariano is halfway out the door, I don’t doubt we will cash in on YEN, and well Rafa Mir isn’t exactly popular. Goalkeeper is also an issue as Dmi is hit and miss and was already sounding out a departure, and we’ll Nyland ain’t at the required level let’s be honest.

Some might laugh but we were really stupid letting Rekik go.