Spartak Moscow Chat (Part 2, DO OR DIE!)

This is it folks, the most important match in the season so far. This match will mean a lot, firstly for the outcome of the season, which will have a huge impact in team morale, will dictate the January transfers and the whole club dynamics including the cash fusion etc. But it will also mean something, that the club can reflect and will not surrender.

Now to be honest, Berizzo still does not have a pass until now, in the sense that none of us are sure of what tactics are really being used and what is the clear strategy behind winning (besides luck). So just as it might be a DO OR DIE for the club regarding the rest of the season, it will also be DO OR DIE for Berizzo. However, the question is, even if we win tomorrow night, and manage to qualify for the knockout stage… do we still 100% trust Berizzo and his strategy? Will we have another setback with poor results or even worse, similar shameful results of that infamous week?

I’m not really sure what to expect from all of this, but hopefully, just hopefully things will get sorted out and we know what this team is all about soon. We are all a bit puzzled and it’s up to the coach and the players to remove the confusion and clear things up.

Anyway, a big big match tomorrow night against a very unpredictable opponent that just two weeks ago put 5 past on us. 5 folks… 5 goals conceded from Spartak, so the team needs to be very wary of their counters and finish off the match as soon as possible, killing their hopes to cause us any unpleasant surprise.

Correa will not be available for this one, also not sure about Mercado and Ganso, so I’d go with:


Corchia - Lenglet - Kjaer - Escudero

       Pizarro - N'Zonzi 


Navas/Sarabia Sarabia/Nolito


Vamos sevilla! Biggest game of our season so far. Let’s get our revenge, we can do this!

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Yes, pivotal game for all the reasons stated but at least we’re better placed than Atletico.

The atmosphere will be like having 12 players on the pìtch.


A do or die match, it’s either Champions League or Europa league, we need a win, simple as that. Will Berrizo’s team selection be as simple as that? No bloody idea.


Rico in the lineup :frowning:

Mercado - Kjaer - Lenglet - Escudero ©
Pizarro - N’Zonzi
Sarabia - Banega - Nolito

Banega with a great chance early, totally f’d it up. :frowning:

All Sevilla so far. Lot’s of pressure causing huge issues for SM

Anyone know what the Wo Oh chant is they are singing is? I’d love to know the whole thing.

N’Zonzi and Sarabia brilliant so far!

Rico huge save on the FK after a silly foul by Pizarro

finally will be able to watch the second half! first half looked good?

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Vamos! Great header from lenglet! We played with great intensity there. Everyone playing well and we put them under pressure.

They are decent side though and we much watch them on counter.

Loving all the songs, the fans are singing. The hard core fans back in too, as I was hearing some classic songs of old like back in the kanoute and Alves era. Being a night match and huge match, atmosphere electric.

Great team performance, let’s hope we keep it up.


Hopefully we don’t screw it up, since it’s Sevilla’s specialty to do so especially in CL.

Spartak got literally nothing on us, and anything but a win tonight would be shameful.

Still worried though because the strategy looks quite weak in overall. We are luckily scoring from set pieces, but the gameplay and tactics still not convincing. Sometimes N’Zonzi is having issues with positioning, but otherwise played very well. Also liking Sarabia and WBY, both performing defensive duties well.

Banega not in his best, needs to step it up. Nolito is playing disgracefully, would have really liked to see Correa in this one, but Nolito’s lucky days.

I think we should sometime in the near future try a Muriel - WBY - Sarabia/Navas trio, just to see how it pans out. Though Sarabia is slowly taking Navas’ place I think.

Let’s seal this up and please, do not screw it!


liverpool got a goal :confused:

Very poor in final third, better take off nolito and wyb.

that was very very nice from banega.

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Wyb is very very poor.

Banega is a bad bad man

how did he not finish that? nice play by nolito… loked like it almost crossed though… nah, didnt fully cross it.

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