Slavia Prague vs Sevilla FC: UEL Round of 16 (2nd leg)

Well the big day is here. A fight for our survival in the Europa League. How do you think it will go today? Any guesses on lineups?


A do or die situation. Last test for Machin - hopefully we go through as it would really be embarrassing to go out to Slavia at this point in EL.


Gomez Kjaer Carriço
Navas Banega Mesa Promes
WBY Munir

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I think we’ll win easily, though I haven’t thought about it much.
Just seems to me that they coudn’t score in a month of Sundays except two absolute freak goals gave them the draw and I think the goals will fall for Sevilla tonight.

Last weekend all the talk was about Machin and it appeared that the majority of devout Sevillistas were wanting him to be fired, but that was before the game. I still have the same opinion, that I don’t want to see the type of football we have been playing recently.

Then again, having Munir chasing every loose ball, Promes growing in confidence, Sarabia and WBY in form, Mesa improved … it’s arguably a different picture right now.

Would have liked to see Gagnon again, he was much improved and impressive before the injury and was on the bench Sunday, today he’s not in the list.

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Vaclik back! I hope he is 100%


We started well in the 1st leg, but then dropped the intensity. We can’t afford that today.

I like that Munir is being rewarded for his hard work. At times, he looked like Sevilla was a level too high for him. I hope he makes the most of the chances that come to his feet.


Wow, Gameiro and his super sub ways! Krasnodar had scored the only goal they needed in the 85’ to put them thru, but KG comes on in the 88’ and does a spectacular dribble to set up Guedes. Tie over.

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How many goals is that for Valencia in the last minute?

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I was watching Chelsea. Lost count of the goals :grinning:

Be great if we can get an early goal to settle us down. Machin says we’re going all out to attack so we shall see.

The himno coming through nice and clear Sevillistas! Great job!

Here we go, first shot to Praga high and wide and they continue to pressure, just the opening salvos, get a grip Sevilla.

good effort by promes from distance

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Well - now we have to score 2. We again can not defend a corner. Banega was marking…a ghost?

We are shit at defending corners


That’s true.

And the ball that Banega just lost could have cost us the game.

It’s organized chaos on the pitch, Sevilla need to put it in order.

Clear corner that wasn’t given on Banega’s shot!

Oh dear, we have the ref against us too.

slide tackle on Navas ball goes out, ref gives it to them. Gonna be a long night I suspect.

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Promes hits the post