SK Sigma vs Sevilla Game Chat

WBY not starting is disappointing

Vamos Sevilla!

Any good stream guys? I’m on holiday with a shit wifi - fingers crossed I’ll manage to watch the game somehow.

I wouldn’t call them good.

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What a fucking sequence that was. Sarabia buries another one.

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Good win in the last minutes. Berrocal and Arana the weakest links, especially Berrocal (3 100% chances for Sigma because of his silly errors).

If that Draxler rumor turns out to be true then we’d be set for good! The left flank needs balancing and it is very URGENT!

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Very happy with that! As we knew they would be tricky opponents! To get a 1-0 is priceless and we in a strong position. We came on strong 2nd half, especially when Machin made the changes.

Keeps our momentum going, now bring on Villarreal! Hope draxler link is true. What a signing that would be?

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I thought Machin was taking a huge risk when I saw the line up and was proved right when we were lucky not to be 2 or 3 down by half time.
I said after his first game that Berrocal is no where near good enough for the first team and, nothing I saw tonight has changed my opinion.
Nolito had a very poor game, Muriel has been a disaster from the start, he should be sold for any offer anyone is prepared to make, how many more times are we going to see him 1 on 1 with the keeper only to shoot wide? He did nothing right tonight from being no threat up front to being a liability to us when defending corners. Get rid of him now! Or at least send him out on loan to a 2nd div team to try and get his mojo working.

Thankfully Machin made the changes in the 2nd half and Silva is looking like a great bit of business.

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Nico Pareja 3x Europa Winner and Ex-Capitan. Eres grande Nico and good luck in Mexico!


Completely in agreement with Brian on his analysis of the game. The starting 11 was really weak, Arana solo on the left with Nolito strangely operating more on the right, Berrocal very average player, Muriel couldn’t score in a brothel.

Sevilla lost confidence with the poor performance and when Sarabia scored he hit the ball first touch out of despair, could have gone anywhere but flew in, good instinct by Sarabia following a great pass from Silva.

Gonalons impressed massively for a first game in a shakey team.

Banega didn’t have a good night.

It’s saying something when Sarabia and Navas are our most in form players.

Squad for tonights game against Villarreal

Vaclik, Juan Soriano, Mercado, Escudero, Sergi Gómez, Sarabia, Jesús Navas, Aleix Vidal, Franco Vázquez, Muriel, Gnagnon, Ben Yeder, Arana, André Silva, Kjaer, Banega, Roque Mesa y Gonalons.

Amadou injured, Berrocal and Nolito rested.

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Sevilla are OK with loaning Muriel to Sporting Portugal according to Estadiodeportivo.

Valencia losing 2-0 min 74

2nd leg

Anyone have a stream? Or know if it is streaming in the US with a paid provider?

I think it will be far from an easy game

Vamos Sevilla!

Nice first goal there from Gonalons! The should be over if we dont commit suicide.

Great start!

Good first half. Already looking forward to the group stage draw of tomorrow.

Slow-mo Arana’s movement on the pitch is hilarious. He would’ve been a decent player if it wasn’t for his low pace and weak agility.