Seville to host Euro 2020(21?) Games

Only just seen this, and a shame it isn’t our very own RSP but Seville will now host the Euro games originally meant to be at San Mames in Bilbao at La Cartuja.

The old dump finally seems to be getting a fair bit of use after about 20 years of barely anything. :joy:


Just seen it on our local news. Confirmed that Spain will play its 3 group games plus the last 16 game in the Cartuja.
Also confirmed that 30% of the stadium’s capacity will be filled with spectators for all four games.

Wonder what happens to all the fans who bought tickets for Bilbao?


I imagine they get the option to move them to Seville? :man_shrugging:t2:

It really threw me back when they played the UEFA Cup Final there as I was like this stadium doesn’t look like Sevilla or Bétis’s stadium. It was only many years later I realised that game was played at La Cartuja.


The stadium is pretty dumpy looking. The track around the outside and all those ugly seat colors.