Sevilla vs. Standard Liege - Europa Group Stage Match 1

Starting XI
|1|Tomáš Vaclík (GK)|
|3|Sergi Gómez|
|4|Simon Kjær|
|5|Ibrahim Amadou|
|6|Daniel Carriço|
|9|Wissam Ben Yedder|
|10|Éver Banega|
|16|Jesús Navas ©|
|21|Quincy Promes|
|22|Franco Vázquez|
|23|Guilherme Arana|

Two cards in 5 minutes.

Goalazo!!! Banega!

Another fucking arm injury! How many can we have in one year? Amadou subbed in the 11th minute.


Sevilla has to dig up the turf and put a new subsoil in because this is getting ridiculous, players know how to fall and how much shock absorption there is, but they’re obviously not calculating the RSP turf. So the subsurface has to go.

It appears to be a dislocation similar to Escudero.

Mudo going freaking beast mode with that Golzalo!

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Yes Mudo. We were fading out of the game and let Standard back into the game while Sevilla were clearing lines for offside leaving two Standard players behind Kjaer 1-1.

Was that the Mali players from Kanoute’s school in Mali who scored?

Then Sevilla wake up and Mudo scores from outside of the box, in off the far post. Two golazos for Sevilla,clearly superior, just need to up the pressure.

Another injury. It seems that Roque Mesa is stealing the calcium supplements from the players - hence they’re breaking bones easily only so he can start all the time and get a yellow and risk a red, all the freaking time!

It’s good that we’re leading, but it’s faaaar away from a convincing play. We need to sharpen up and I really feel for the midfield right now. Banega, Moustachesa and Mudo our only available midfielders for at least a few months - OUCH!


Carrico could probably fill in if needed, but we are really thin.

Vamos Sevilla! We need to win this to get some confidence back!

Looks like Borja Lasso will be called in if we lose more midfielders

Ben Yedder 3-1

Yes it was Kanoute’s protege that score the Standard goal.

Nice pass from Arana for the WBY goal.

Promes looks a real future prospect once he integrates to the team.

Sevilla superior to Standard with half a team.

4-1 Ben Yedder. Standard lose possession in bad situation Banega slots through for WBY to score faced with goalkeeper.

Sevilla have to sub either Banega or Mudo or both, they are exhausted, Mudo most of all.

Penalty, surely WBY for his hattrick

5-1 Banega penalty.

Then Sarabia for Mudo

Navas replaced by Nolito. Standing ovation for Navas, whistles for Nolito. Nolito goes to right wing back position :open_mouth:

And really did poorly in his minutes. Why did he wait to shoot until the keeper recovered? He should have had two goals in 15 minutes.

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True Chris, big error, he looks finished, although more handsome with his new hairstyle !

Same with Sarabia though, came on in 80th minute and failed everything, really poor.

But Roque Mesa had a nightmare game, so many errors. He’s got a tremendous first touch/control and a great pass but not in this style. He needs to be threading balls through the centre for WBY not in deep midfield, he’s lost there, like a fish out of water. But we are missing key ingredients so players have different responsibilities.


Great win! Vamos Sevilla!

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