Sevilla vs Las Palmas - Preview / Discussion / VITOLO

La Liga going for a midweek game here, everything is of secondary importance once you factor in Vitolo is coming back to the RSP. Manlolo Marquez has confirmed that Vitolo is part of the matchday squad but stopped short of confirming his starting place. The atmosphere will be toxic and Las Palmas have traditionally been poor away from home but their addition of Remy could complicate matters. Our matchday squad isn’t out yet, thoughts?

I’m looking forward to the game it will be my 1st visit to the stadium this season, personally I’d rather Vitolo plays rather than Remy, he looked very good against Athletic.

Vitolo will get boos and whistles every time he’s near the ball but I hope that’s as far as it goes. Any insulting chants thrown his way will be no doubt monitored by the powers that be and one feels that they are only waiting for any excuse to come down heavy on Sevilla fc. after the Ramos affair last season.

Yeah definitely, Vitolo is saving himself for Atletico and is not playing 100% at Las Palmas. While Remy wants a starter place so he is giving his best, and that goal vs. Bilbao was pure class.

Hopefully we’ll get to see the traitor perform and boo the hell out of him. Would make my Wednesday night much better. Oh and of course, nothing but 3 points in this one!

Supposedly Kjaer and Pareja are back in at CB with Ben Yedder at striker and Mudo starting at CAM.

Makes since - Would be nice to get N’Zonzi a rest here sometime soon, but I don’t know if it would be this game.

Can’t see Vitolo making the pitch, maybe they’ll warm him up to see how the reception goes, could be interesting, could be the biggest pitada in history.

Ominous the penalty for Girona though, don’t want to think of away refs taking advantage of Sevilla as we’ve seen so often.

Vitolo deserves all he gets, the traitor. However I hope for the clubs sake the fans dont go too overboard.

We should demoralise Las Palmas and give us a 13 from possible 15 point start.

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Squad announced

Sergio Rico, David Soria, Escudero, Lenglet, Pareja, Kjaer, Mercado, Corchia, Nzonzi, Krohn-Dehli, Banega, Ganso, Franco Vázquez, Sarabia, Navas, Correa, Muriel y Ben Yedder

No Nolito, Geis, Carriço, Carole, Montoya, Pizarro.

After that horrendous performance vs. Getafe, I’d call Geis over MKD, but it seems that Berizzo’s Celta affection prevails in this case… just like his Argentine affection. Good that Montoya didn’t make the list after the bad performance vs. Girona. No one’s place should be guaranteed and everything should fight hard for their places, on top of performing well when given the chance.

Also Lenglet should start in the majority of matches, along with Kjaer, they could make a great pair. Pareja is getting slower and older, so can’t count on him a lot. Carrico is good, but definitely not first choice. Lenglet is becoming not only a rock, but a mountain to climb in the defense, gradually. Has room for improvement, but obviously he’s working hard and will get there on top with time. Has more potential than the hype Laporte in my view.


Cuentan las lenguas antiguas… Here we go, Las Palmas!

Sure would be nice to watch the game. Bein thinks that watching interviews from the freaking Girona game is more important while Real Madrid is on both the US and Spanish versions of the channel.

a good link to watch the game online streaming, anyone?

So damn frustrated with BeIn sports right now. UGGGGG

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I still don’t want to believe that Berizzo actually fielded this formation tonight. WBY, MKD starting? A pity. WBY is definitely a tap-in striker and cannot contribute literally anything to the match up front. Very weak physically and lacks vision… the only thing he is good at is positioning for a tap in, but when the matches require penetration and break through-s like this one, WBY should be on the bench. Berizzo should fucking know this already.

MKD is mostly jogging and not doing anything… losing balls and what not. Ganso also doesn’t deserve a start, but he at least is trying and actually contributing a bit both on the attack and defense.

Pareja definitely should be benched… I like Pareja a lot and he’s our captain, but honestly, he is getting slower by the day and also a bit weaker. Might risk penalties with him on the field and also some stupid free kicks that the opponents could easily convert (near the box). The starting pair for important matches should be no one else but Kjaer - Lenglet, with Carrico and Pareja as third choices (any would do).

What is more gut-wrenching is having the BRAINS of the team, both Banega and Mudo on the bench. This is simply unacceptable and a stupid thing to do from Berizzo… quite disappointed in him.

This match should’ve been an easy win at home, Las Palmas are very indifferent level-wise and Atletico joked with them in their own stadium with an annihilating 1-5 win. Anything but a win tonight should be all on Berizzo, unacceptable.

I really hope… or at least want to believe that the strategy is the following: Kill the game off and give the opponents a different idea of our form and playing style, and then go all guns blazing in the second half trying to get the win (Man Utd alike), or something is seriously wrong with Berizzo and the tactics.

This first half performance is probably one of the worst I’ve seen so far from Sevilla. Reminds me the infamous days of the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons where we ended 9th.

Hoping for a good surprise from Berizzo.

GG thinking he is more important than the players again. How does this guy still have a job?

Have a stiff drink ShendM we got this. :slight_smile:


Ben Yedder clearly onside. Awful from the line judge.

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