Sevilla vs Bayern / Leg 2

Just wanna say that it’s been a special ride through Champions this year no matter what happens today. To think about barely winning the qualifier way back in August through the Liverpool ties (the first of which I watched in Atlanta as a Hurricane Irma evacuee) and the Man U miracle last month, it’s been amazing how far our little inconsistent team has been able to get. Win or lose in Germany, vamos always!


It’s definitely been amazing and sometimes I can’t help but think that even if we would’ve been stronger on paper (vs. the current Sevilla team), who knows if we’d gone through vs. Man Utd and drew those matches vs. Liverpool?

It’s a real shame that we conceded 2 stupid goals vs. Bayern, as a 1-1 result would’ve kept us in the game, but anything can happen tonight.

This is by far the most important match in Sevilla’s history and after evoking the club’s first ever Quarters of CL, we’re living for the CL Semis, CL Final, CL Triumph and La Liga Triumph (we’ve seen Uefa Cups, Europa League’s, Uefa SuperCups, Spanish Cups, Spanish Supercups already).

Anyhow, a big THANK YOU to the team for the emotions and the ride. Passing through tonight would be a dream come true and a miracle, but I hope that at least the players will fight until the final whistle and leave the souls on the pitch. Only that way we can properly say goodbye to CL for at least another year and fingers crossed we’ll see each other again in September 2019!


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2-3 does it for me

Not sure why WBY is starting instead of Muriel, but oh well!

Official lineup:


Navas Mercado Lenglet Escudero

         N'Zonzi  Banega


Sarabia Correa


My hopes are lower with WBY in, Bayern will not sit and defend and we need someone who can counter and has physical power. Prove me wrong WBY and score a hattrick!

Can’t lose our nerve if they score first. One goal for them means nothing. Need 2 goals and a win.

This is WBY’s competition (bar last game lol). Maybe Muriel can’t go the 90 min judging from his absence vs Celta.

I’m just hoping for a good game. A little bit of suspense won’t hurt either.

¡Vamos muchamos y nunca se rinde!

Correa runs so well with the ball and then either passes or shoots too late so much

Sarabia come on. That’s 3 good chances in the 2 games.

Sevilla equal to Bayern for 38 minutes, then Bayern step up the pressure, Navas saves our bacon and then Sevilla could have hit back from a bad defensive control by Javi Martiñez, Mudo played in Ben Yedder who slipped a sublime pass to Sarabia whose control let him down, almost 0-1.

Sad to say this but it seems that Bayern players want it more. They also have the advantage of the players and the fuel to back up that ‘will’.

Also the tactics and the ‘no-rush’ policy doesn’t ask for anything else than a draw or a narrow loss if we’re lucky.

Sarabia has been shit for a couple of months now… can’t even control a ball properly, what the fuck is wrong with him?

Bayern may have had a few mistakes at the back but they’re playing well defensively and aren’t allowing us to create anywhere near their 18-yard box. Banega & Nzonzi are playing really well, i just hope we don’t get caught out passing too much in our own half.

It’s a very tight game where the opening goal can come from anywhere. We need to do more of the same for the 2nd half cause it’s keep Bayern on their toes. I’m very proud of this team.

I’m surprised Sarabia hasn’t done better with his chances. He’s usually someone to rely on when the forwards can’t score. Will he make it up again with a brace this time? fingers crossed

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You don’t win games in the first half, if it were 0-2 I would be equally worried, but Sevilla need to make the next 45 minutes another notch in our history. It’s possible.

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I’ve had the feeling that Bayern could score whenever they wanted to (when going all in). But you’re right, if we don’t concede 2 beforehand, it’s an open game until the 85th minute :stuck_out_tongue:

why not go for it Montella? Pull someone out and put in Nolito

I’d say this was quite a shameful way of going out for good in the CL.

I’m left with a feeling that we never really tried… we were always worried that we’ll concede, yet didn’t have one single shot on goal and a very low threat (Correa’s header on the post was the best chance, but it technically doesn’t count as a shot on goal).

Bayern wanted it more and they outran us, we were out of fuel almost during the whole match.

Anyway, back to the basics. April 21st a chance for a trophy this season and a chance to go directly to the group stages of EL (we wouldn’t want to be competing on mid-July anyway).

Montella has to go and some players really do not deserve the Sevilla shirt.


Pretty disappointing. I thought we would make it interesting, but it seemed the players couldn’t find the same fire they had in the first half of the first leg. Sandro should get some starts coming up and we should make a decision on continuing with him. He was the only one with Muriel a bit that looked like they wanted to fight for it, but it was too late.

Montella didn’t do anything to change the game; however, he never does, so that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Not sure if I want him to go now or not. I would call Emery and see if he wants to come back, if so, make your decision either way. Use an interm or can Montella. I’m fine with either.

Also, Navas was spectacular!

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The guys really tried. They just couldn’t be wreckless in attack because of our defensive record this season. So I respect the decision to stay disciplined. We proved that we can take on any team.

Bayern mostly have a better player than us in every position, but tonight it wasn’t so noticeable. They were so worried they had to start wasting time and play acting. I’m still proud of our guys.

This. He has been immense at RB. You would think he’d be a weak link there, but he made our back 4 even more solid.

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