Sevilla vs. Barca / To Be Manitoed or Not To Be Manitoed?

Based on recent Liga performances at home I think the big question to debate is will we give up more or less than 5 goals to barca? I could see us giving them a decent fight in the first half with Banega in there and suspended for Champs League, but I’m gonna start drinking now anyways.

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Yeah it’s all good as long as we avoid a Manita… nothing more to say really, anything else would be a surprise.

Mudo with an incredible half. Navas excellent as well.

Nice that Messi isn’t playing. And Alba isn’t killing us for once.

Mercado has to be subbed. He’s gonna get sent off.

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+1 for Mercado to be subbed off. Let Layun continue his shining of the NT break.

Muriel! This team makes no sense

Has Muriel been doing Bacca’s kneeling celebration all year (or since he actually started scoring)?

FFS Navas how do you not score?

Muriel’s done a really nice job of not scoring and not sure his goal would’ve gone in without a deflection. We should take him out and put in anybody else

Navas and Kjaer spectacular

Brilliant performance by Sevilla! You just never know with this team. At present we are a real threat for Bayern! We in great form!

Nzonzi been immense! After all it was to keep him and get rid of berrizo. At time I thought the opposite.

team has been spectacular. though a little greedy at times when laying the ball off would’ve resulted in tap ins (muriel and vazquez both culprits… but also with the two goals). seriously though, where has this team been?

shit. and spoke too soon. come on guys. hold on.

This fucking shit. Every fucking time. Fuck Messi

fuck me. this is my fault.

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Wow! Now that is typical Messi and typical Sevilla! All the great work undone within a couple of minutes! If that

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WHAT?!?! how was that not a PK!?

Ben Yedder better be starting midweek


The signs of a non-serious team is when you should have scored 4-5 100% chances but you rather concede 2 goals in 2 minutes.

Anyway, the positive thing is that we didn’t concede a Manita and we got 1 point out of this, while being WAY better than Barca. Hopefully we can carry this positive energy on to the Tuesday’s match vs. Bayern.

Seriously, how many times has Messi done that to us in the last 5 minutes of a match? 4? 5? More?

Also, regardless of my admiration for Messi, I really hate that guy when he plays against us. I think that I will have mixed feelings when he retires. A part of me will be sad because there will probably not be someone like him in a long long time, or ever in our lifetime, and a part of me will be happy because there won’t be anyone doing this to us anymore (fingers crossed for that!)