Sevilla vs Atletico: Week 18

First game of the year is a big one. It’s in our very own world-reknown Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán. We also started last year with a big game, but let’s not get into that right now. Atletico is the team we are truly competing with, and we’ve been making a hash of that since Simeone has been at the helm. Let’s also not get into his record against us either.

Today is 3rd vs 2nd respectively, with 2 points between both teams. The gap with the chasing pack is also decreasing — why does Alavés refuse to lose? — and after 30-odd games played this season already, this can sort of feel like a new campaign.

Starting XI:

Gnagnon - Carriço - Gómez
Navas - Sarabia - Mesa - Escudero
Ben Yedder - André Silva

I respect the opposition, but they aren’t unbeatable. Let’s go for all 3 points. VAMOS MUCHACHOS¡!


Gnagnon a bit scary there… but otherwise it’s the best lineup that we currently have.

This game will more or less shape things up. The season is still very long, but if we win this at this point (vs. a top club at home), then we show signs that we’re truly in for the top 4.

Anything can happen, but I would like that for once we don’t approach the matches vs. Atletico (especially in the league, where they give 100%) with fear, as that will cost us.

One time we played without fear under Sampaoli at home and we beat them 1-0 with that fantastic run and goal from N’Zonzi.

Even if we lose, at least do it bravely with a lot of fight. Surrendering beforehand should never be an option.


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It will be a pity if Sevilla don’t win because I’ve got a feeling that Barcelona will slip up at Getafe. Getafe are very strong, only conceded 13 this season, 6 less than Barcelona.

As for Sevilla, they should win on present form, you never know what Sevilla will turn out but whether they stutter or go well, they usually win at home.

I bet that Simeone will get Atletico to wind up Roque Mesa, being the player most temperamental and likely to get sent off.

Simeone will also try to rob Banega dribbling out of defence again, maybe not as quick as last year (within 5 minutes) but all of a sudden there will be a three man ambush where he’s surrounded and loses the ball. Banega, for all his quality, will not adapt, but he has to be very careful today.

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Great football so far. Atletico got away with a penalty pushing Silva in the back on a wonderful Navas cross.

What the hell is going on with Simone’s hair? He going for the mushroom look?

Roque finds the ball on the volley from Gomez but yanks it wide. Probably best opportunity for Sevilla. This after Vaclik saves an attempt on goal by Griezmann.

Navas is just toying with the Atletico left side and delivers a juicy ball to Escudero who puts it wide off the head.

WBY. Well fucking deserved.

Goooooooaaaaalllllllll! What great football! And WBY is on the spot again!

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Big time ooof as Silva hits the post from long range, but who is there in the ensuing penalty box mish mash… WISSAM “MIARMA” BEN YEDDER !! 1-0 SEVILLA !

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Never a doubt. Goddamit Carrico, how can you give a foul away there?

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First time I see why we signed Gnagnon. He’s been really good so far.


Uggg stupid tackle by Carrico there leading to that great goal. You knew he would score from that spot. Good football in the first half. We just let them off the hook with a dumb foul. Jesus gets a yellow at half for arguing with the ref on the missed PK.

He and Mesa have been very good.

We played so well there! A real shame about their equaliser. A moment of quality by Griezman! However, we dominated the half, played great football, scored a great goal and created more chances. We were unlucky not to go 2 or 3 goals up before their goal. It’s a crushing blow to take but if we carry on playing the way we did, we can still win this! Vamos!

I knew it… Carrico should have never made that tackle.

Atletico are a totally anti-football team but they have a winner mentality, or better yet, a non-losing mentality. It will forever be difficult to beat them anytime anywhere, that’s the only thing I like about them (their installed mentality, which we obviously lack so far).

Anyway, we’re clearly the better team and we should be able to win this in the second half if we play similar to the first one. We should be wary of their counters and not make stupid tackles close to the box, Griezmann doesn’t forgive.

I’m satisfied with the performance and we should keep it up. Gnagnon was massive… surprised to see him play this well. Andre Silva… we should exercise that option before it’s too late!

Let’s beat these pathetic bastards in the second half and get those fully deserved 3 points!


It was a clear penalty by the way… what a shame for VAR.



We been the team affected most by VAR this season, and still we’re in the top 3.