Sevilla @ Valencia: Week 14

Would love to joke around and refer to that day we made these fans cry… but this team wrecked us last season (home & away). Can we handle business this time guys?

Uh oh. Early signs that Mercado might get toyed with by Guedes on that flank…

…and HOLY what a double save by Vaclík!

Vamos Sevilla!

I hate short corners. Do they ever work?

crazy to give that as a handball and a yellow to Mercado.

This referee is shit. They deserved at least 2 yellows and instead we get 3 yellows while they get none, it’s a paradox. That yellow on Mercado is out of this world… do these referees even know the rules? How can you give a handball when you shoot the opponent’s hand from less than 1 meter with maximum power? Madness.

Anyway, the game is quite balanced in overall. We could win this, but the way Valencia are attacking sometimes and considering the clumsy referee, we might get disappointed at the end.

I hope Mudo will continue to play in the second half and if not, I at least hope that Machin doesn’t go with Mesa - Amadou would be a better option.

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Amadou might be the better option just to help solidify things a bit in the back. Mudo’s on a yellow and we know how he can get sometimes. Promes annoys me. He had a chance to run at folks a few times and instead just pumps it up the field. His skill set is supposed to be speed and dribbling and I haven’t seen it so far. With that said, we are still in this and just need to get some shots!

This Valencia team isn’t as lethal on the counter as they were last year. But we’re tempting fate by losing the ball cheaply in our own half.

We’ve had a few spells of possession, but we haven’t troubled Neto at all. What happened to the route 1 ball to Silva? That guy works tremendously hard not to constantly get looks. I only see more of the same in the 2nd half.

Oh, and get ready for a Batshuayi appearance to prove a little something to Castro. We do have Kjær back there, so don’t put it past him.

And yes, the referee is shite as usual. It’s like he was waiting all half to give us yellows.

To be fair, last season it was the calamitous pair of Biesla and Montella who guided us to such shameful defeats. But then again Banega has played every single game there is with no rest so I am not surprised that Valencia could run around us in the midfield.

Guedes tore us a new one last season and Mercado needs to be alert the full 90. A draw would do me fine.

What a great goal! PAY THAT MAN!


This season’s catalyst strikes again. Gol de Sarabia. 1-0 Sevilla. Did we give this guy a new contract yet???


Pay Sarabia!

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Estrado Fernandez is always shit when Sevilla are concerned.

Don’t like Valencia in white with black socks, I’m getting confused when I see them with the ball.

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The ref should have gave a yellow there on that tug on WBY, but still no cards for the team in white.

C’mon Sevilla! What a huge win this would be!

Promes has been really good despite my criticism of him running at people.


Oh man Silva! Could have put it away.