Sevilla v Villarreal: Week 2

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Vamos Sevilla!

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nice start to the game. need to be better in the final third. Villareal looks very rusty

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Banega’s been great. We just have pick someone out with all these crosses.

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missed the first 15 minutes due to Eleven Sports UK deciding to show Girona v Madrid on TWO of their channels and our game on NONE!

found another stream, seems like I didn’t miss too much

Navas looks dangerous on the right, and Mesa is lucky not have a red card

Vamos mi Sevila

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Why take Banega off?

Vaclik makes me feel so safe at the back

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Ben Yedder coming on for maybe the last time?

Oh shit, Escudero just broke his arm going for that header…

Fuck that’s bad. Clear break.

That fuckin sucks!

Dammit Silva.

Well shit now we need to sign another LB.

A bit disappointing but at least another point on the board! We need these new potential signings to be true. We need more quality in the final 3rd. However, not a bad start to the season!

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3pts woulda been nice to create a gap against other top 6 teams. This was a much better challenge than Rayo’s defence. We lacked the cutting edge to get that goal. We really need to get that left side sorted… and now it’s at a critical level.

¡Fuerza Sergio!


Further proof that we need good left side attackers NOW!

And our Captain is navas this season? (Carrico: …)

Luckily it’s “just” arm. Well rest Escudero.

Captains were Pareja, Carrico, Navas, Escudero and then Banega.

Feel like we could’ve won or lost that game so a tie feels justified, but gonna hold off judgment on start to season until after Betis. I’d be surprised to get more than a point there since we’ll probably be a bit tired after Europa on Thursday (and no Escudero) and 4-5 points out of 9 would be just an average start. Definitely looking better in defense and goalkeeping, but if we don’t score goals then it’ll just be like last year but conceding less goals. The BeIn announcer said today was one of the best 0-0 games we’ll see all year…let’s hope it’s one of the last for us.

Take away points

  1. With Rico would have been 0-3
  2. Manager now recognizes that Banega and Vazquez are surplus to requirements, talented but costly.
  3. Might have to buy replacement for Escudero, equally might not be too serious an injury. But appears to be broken elbow at first sight.
  4. We are well equipped in defence, a plus point.
  5. Sarabia is overcharged mentally, could be good or bad outcome.
  6. Always prejudiced by high temperatures in first few home games.

As appealing as that Mesa-Banega tandem looks — also a couple years too late — it might be costly in big games. Banega looked knackered in that 2nd half, but I haven’t seen him battle like that in a while.

Shock injury to Escudero, but sometimes these things present oppurtunity. We’re forced to address that left side now. Everyone knows Arana can’t be trusted with that job alone. Álvaro García would’ve been nice, but he’s off to Rayo. Maybe Alberto Moreno?