Sevilla v Manchester Utd. – Champions League Round of 16 – 1st Leg

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Finally it has arrived! The big game that we knew about as far back as early December is now upon us. Berizzo got us to this stage of the competition, but now the baton has been passed to Montella to get us past the next challenge. And what a challenge it is, as two times Champions League winner Jose Mourinho brings his expensively assembled squad to the capital of Andaulicia for the first time in their history.

Writing this preview from the UK I have been infuriated, but not surprised by the sheer arrogance of the English media. Since the draw was made numerous ex -pros have plainly suggested that Man Utd will have no problems at all getting through, and that Sevilla are a team in decline who would struggle for survival should they play in the so called ‘best league in the world’. You would think the media over here would have been humbled slightly by the Europa League Final not two years ago? This alone should be a massive incentive for our boys to show them what Sevilla, and Spanish football in general, is made of.

Don’t get me wrong, Man Utd are the favourites to progress, and rightly so. They have won 5 of their 6 Champions League games this season (the highest), whilst we have won only 2 (the lowest), and we have conceded the highest amount of goals too. They have form on their side for sure, and they also have world class players throughout their team. Their current squad cost €747 Million to assemble (the third highest in Europe) whilst Sevilla’s cost a mere €160 Million (the 25th highest in Europe). So on paper, we are huge underdogs, especially over two legs.

However none of these statistics mean a thing to Sevillistas, and we should go into the game with no fear. We have the ability to exploit their weaknesses, and the home crowd will be our 12th man as usual. Added to that we have our main men back in the squad, and some of our new ones too (with surprising shirt numbers!). Corchia the only probable starter who is missing from the list.

One would suspect we will go with the same starting XI that served us well in the Copa del Rey 2nd leg.

As for score predictions, I couldn’t possibly guess. Our record against English clubs hasn’t been great at the RSP in recent years… Manchester City and Liverpool both scored 3 goals against us with ease, so if we can keep it tight at the back we have a chance to take a positive result to Manchester in two weeks time.

Another big European night under the lights awaits us


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Time to step up and show the world that we’re still grande…Monchi or no Monchi. VAMOS!!!


Forza Sevilla!!

I am just getting ready to go into Nervion, if we get it right and Utd don’t we can do them over the 2 legs, they have been unpredictable and as Spurs showed, their defence is their weakness which we must exploit from the off…


I think we have to try and control the game and not sit back. Attack that shaky defense. See if we can frustrate Sanchez.


It’s quite weird how Mou, known for his steel defenses, didn’t sort it out at Man Utd. I mean, they’re not that weak… but definitely exploitable.


You would think 750 Million Euros would be enough to assemble a title winning squad, but he was recently moaning that it wasn’t enough!

I know Montella rates him highly as a coach, but as a person I cannot stand the guy!

I feel you on the frustration from the media. I was screaming at the radio this morning listening to the Grumpy Pundits on the way to work. They had a guy on that said the only two Sevilla players left from the last Europa league final was Rico and Escudero. Said we are going to get killed because we are playing a full back at centerback.

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Vamos Sevilla! It would be huge achievement if we went through and reached last 8 for the first time in our history!

We are underdogs but I think we have a good chance. They aren’t playing as well as they were a few months ago and we are playing better. If this was played a few months back or even a month or so ago we would stand little chance. However, the tables have turned and it’s close tie to predict. Vamos sevilla!


Getting nervous. I’m meeting @RyanMoore for the game. Hopefully we will be celebrating like crazy.

Pogba on the bench.

We’re all over them. I fear us taking the foot off the pedal and conceding 1-2 silly goals as usual after ultra-brilliant first halves.

The ideal scenario, score at least 1 and don’t concede. Fucking anti-football Mou!

Not bad. We were very unlucky not to score 1-2 there, but I think we can make it to the next round with another performance like this in the return leg.

Thank you Sevillistas, Montella and all the players for giving out a lot of emotions tonight!


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Good performance overall, bad finishing is kinda expected as we don’t have any top attacking player.

I’m afraid Mourinho will realize Sanchez is redundant and use Linguard Pogba martial on the 2nd leg

BTW Lukaku is really a joke

Great performance from the lads, piss poor from Mourinho but I will take a draw over a loss. Saying that we should have come away with 3 points and it highlights our need for a different kind of striker, Jovetic would have had a goal last night, so many aerial battles either lost or we can’t take advantage.
The fans and stadium were at their best and it really intimidated the away fans and team, I have many Utd fans on my facebook and twitter, and pretty much all said it’s one of if not the best stadium for atmosphere they have been to, but I told them we already know that and one day OT will be the real theatre of dreams just like the Sanchez-Pizjuan!
I have stuck a few videos on youtube from last night and from other games for your entertainment…


The atmosphere inside the stadium was fantastic last night & I’m sure it really lifted the team, the atmosphere inside old trafford will be nothing like that. Shame we couldn’t get the goal we deserved ( If only Muriel had put that header 6 inches more to the left)

The main thing is that the tie is still wide open, get a goal in the 2nd leg and I feel we can win this.


Sevilla were much better against Manchester United mid-week, but Manchester looked real ordinary despite their price tag. Hope the improvement holds. I notice Arana is out of the squad again, what on earth’s going on?

Well your lot used to play on a cricket pitch ha ha, not much atmosphere in Bramhall Lane in those days (Only joking). :grinning: But you’re right, Old Trafford can be very silent if things aren’t going well for the team. Manchester also has a cricket pitch with the same name (Old Trafford)

For those who don’t know, in their greatest epoch the Blades used to share their ground with Yorkshire Cricket and after finally getting a four sided stadium they never managed to repeat their best days.

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Man U looks like shit right now against Crystal Palace. I would have to put us as the favorites at this point to move on if their form continues.

Spoke too soon.

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