Sevilla v Levante: Matchday 21

I would only want clean sheet now, 4 is enough :grinning:

We’re basically able to create easy chances off all our counters. Mesa wouldn’t have scored anyway, defender took the bait… penalty given.

Quincy gets his pen saved, but scores on the follow-up. 1st La Liga goal. 5-0 Sevilla.

No bullshit that should have been 10-0. Does Levante have anybody playing in the middle of the field?

I am so glad Quincy scored.

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Mesa deserved a goal as well, but it’s okay haha. Tremendous win, 5-0… definitely didn’t expect that. We scored 11 past Levante this season in both h2h matches so far.

Wober was really really good… he can easily replace Sergi Gomez at any given time so now we officially have 2 CD’s per position for this system (total 6). Mercado and Gnagnon for the right center back, Kjaer and Carrico for the middle center back and Sergi Gomez with Wober for the left center back. I’m still not sure why we haven’t started with Mercado today but Sergi Gomez playing in that unnatural side didn’t do him any favor. I don’t know how he was injured but I really hope it’s not serious, same goes for Vidal.

We’re quite thin now once again… Marko Rog would’ve been a nice addition but we cannot rely on Arana as Escudero’s back-up for the remainder of the season… he’s too weak to contribute anything for the team.

So I think the priority should be a LWB, a midfielder and maybe another central forward (target man similar to Silva), Munir is not going to cut it anyway and we’ll most likely end up loaning him out come summer.


I’m glad i was asleep during the 1st half cause the show got underway in the 2nd. Really looked like a party atmosphere out there. Levante matched our formation and still got walloped. They did the same thing in the first game. I have to ask: was this fixed? What a disaster! :rofl:

I admire Quincy’s perseverance. He just kept plugging away until he finally got comfortable, and is now a joy to watch. I swear the crowd was cheering him nonstop.

Loved the many surges by Roque Mesa. I just hate seeing him at the end of moves. He can’t shoot. But a nice player to have in the engine room. ¡Que motór!

Wöber slotted in perfectly back there. As a left-footed CB, he made such a difference in opening up spaces. The new Lenglet?

So Arana was on the bench, but Machín still brought on Sarabia? Yeah, Guilherme is gone.

Lastly, this was a real nice confidence boost ahead of a fateful trip to the Camp Nou. Let’s do this!


Didn’t get to watch but the scoreline was a joy to behold, nice to finally get Promes off the blocks, now hopefully he keeps on going. He would be like a new signing for us!

Not sure why Levante look so vulnerable when playing against us, nice to see Coke still going strong, also Morales Campana and Bardhi got their auditions on the RSP pitch, would you guys still have them?

Great performance by Promes on the wing today, he well deserved the fans chanting his name to take the penalty.

Nice to see that Coke received a warm welcome back.

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Crikey that referee was bad, didn’t think we were going to get a decision from him.

Great to hear the crowd behind Promes and also Roque Mess and WBY.

The new guy looks good.

Great win! Well done lads! Some great goals we scored and great all round team performance!